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‘Second Life’

April 25th, 2012

Happy Chartbombing Day @MatthewEbel!

Once Upon a Time … in a Virtual “Second Life” … I met … Umm… a Bird! He played the piano and he sang and it was all very magical!

Thank you, Lynette Radio for your post inspiration  … and the rest of you can thank me for linking you to Lynette, who is a total bad ass of Google+ among many, many other things 😉

And now you can thank me for passing this along by supporting that Amazing Bird’s human form by Bombing the Charts today! Check it out!!

The date has been set, the battlefield is ready… it’s time to storm the gates of the iTunes and Amazon Top Ten charts.

Please join me on Wednesday, April 25 as we try and break into territory normally controlled by the major labels’ massive promotional budgets. It’s a simple plan: If everyone buys the same single track, I Wish I Were, on the same day, we might push that song into the Daily Top Ten charts. Those charts have a tendency to promote themselves, so this could become a self sustaining achievement. All it will take is 99¢ and your help recruiting your friends!

That evening we’ll be celebrating with my first ever YouTube Live concert at 7pm Eastern US time. The show will be broadcast right here on my website as well as on YouTube and Google+, so hopefully you’ll tune in!
Take a listen to the track we’re going to launch and join the effort today at http://matthewebel.com/preorder

Good Luck on your mission, Birdie!! 😀



October 7th, 2011

It’s been a long time…

We shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to… So we’re back!

Oh yeah, Bootie Lovers and Mashup Maniacs … This Saturday, October 8th, BootieSL is headed to Burning Man with ALL Second Life DJ Line up! It’s THE comeback event of the Year and we expect to see you there!

5-7pm SL – Joseph Lian is warming things up with some dark, gothy goodness
7-9pm SL – DJ Diva on Deck (That’s me!)… Mashups
9-11pm SL – Miss Cyberpink … Mashups
11pm-1am SL – Walton Vieria … Mashups
1-3am SL DJ Diva is back to rock your Bootie till the break of dawn.

Click here for your SLURL: Lost Republik Desert Soundsystem

February 28th, 2009

February Meme

Sick sucks!
I’m Sick, there is nothing on TV, I don’t feel like chatting, or being social and although I have a bunch of stuff on my To-Do List, I don’t feel like doing any of it right now. So how about a quick lil meme about what I’ve been up to this February.

Celebrating the superbowl in style!
The Month Kicked off with the Superbowl. Sadly the Patriots were not playing and I honestly don’t think I could tell you who  did. I sorta cared less and had it on in the background while I did chores.

Nu shooz! Brown
New Shoes for Work became my priority after Mother Nature teased us with some spring like conditions. I found two great pair, one black and these brown.

Popped into Second Life once or Twice.

Wished I’d had a better camera to capture this amazing moon! Crappy Crackberry pic was my only option. 🙁

Spent a weekend+ in NYC with my Valentine.

Belvedere castle
Visited a Castle and climbed to the top.

Nu shooz!
More new shoes! Super duper comfy!! (not so good for hours at the museum, but good for kicking around)

NYC w/ Christopher
Saw some cool stuff at MOMA

NYC w/ Christopher
Especially in here. (Gothic. By Jackson Pollock)

My boy loves me
Snuggled up my Johnny Cat

Mmm margarita!
Enjoyed a Pina Colada Margarita!!

Its a ... Coughdrop!
And played “Guess What’s in My Mouth” three days in a row ending with a coughdrop.

All in all a very good month! Now time for some soup & some Hulu.


November 12th, 2008

Blogger/Plurk Challenge – RL meets SL

Wow! Has it really been this long since I’ve posted here?

I had wanted to post this up earlier this weekend. It was an easy post for me seeing how my Second Life Avatar was based off my Real Life Avatar from day one 🙂

Well, the SL Blogosphere & Plurk have been buzzing this week as more people take on the challenge of giving their Avatars a makeover to see just how closely they can resemble our Real selves.

The origination of the idea comes from a Plurk post, and shortly after Kristi Maurer posted the challenge to her fellow Plurkers and Bloggers.

A little over a year ago I posed in a similar fashion. A face to face comparison of my Avatar vs My Real Self.

RL vs SL
This time around I found the perfect matching outfits and started taking shots in SL, then I discovered that my camera has been lost!! … It’s a small black & silver Cannon elf if anyone has seen it!!  I got a few head shots with my Blackberry cam, the best I can do.
Real Life meets Second Life

What do you think?

July 4th, 2008

New/Old Job – Week 1

Here’s a little twist – A video post 🙂 – Hope you enjoy it! I’ll be dipping a few of these in from time to time as part of my new “Social Media Consumption Diet”.