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#Mashup Monday: 2.13.12

First and Foremost – R.I.P Whitney Houston. You were a major music icon to me growing up and despite the path you chose for your life, you will never be forgotten.

You may or may not realize that this Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. While it’s just another day for many of us (singles) there are plenty of LOVE inspired mashups out there to help you celebrate … or to help drown out the sound of cupid’s arrow as it strikes all the love crazy couples in the world.

Robin Skouteris – L.O.V.E (Michael Jackson & 10 other artists)

DJ Schmolli just released LOVE EP – a collection of his favorite ballad mashups. (click image to download all tracks)

DJ Schmolli  – Beautiful (Christina Aguilera vs. James Blunt)

And lastly… a couple to get you moving …

DJ Freddy, King of Pants – The Sound of the Shuffle (Human League vs Cupid Shuffle)

DJ Erb – Hey Cupid (Toni Basil vs Cupid Shuffle)