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A day in the life 

DC and I are currently laying in bed on our phones, O is in a bed next to me on his tablet having some pre-nap quiet time and A’s in a pack ‘n play pissy about the whole situation. 

We just got back to camp from a family gathering down the road that we had to abruptly exit due to an epic situation, which began just about the time DC and I sat down to eat.

It was raining, another well timed occurrence with the BBQ, so quarters were full. We found seats by each other, but we were right in the line of foot traffic with two toddlers that can’t get out of their own ways. I think DC compared them to pinball at one point. 

No sooner had we had our last bite when they both began the complete meltdown.  And we needed to leave. In the rain. And had walked there … but we ended up getting a ride back, so there’s a win. 

Now, O lays snoring logs. He dozed off just after the battery warning went off. He’s a good napper.

A just finished another protest. We think this might be it, so I’m signing off in hopes of a few rainy midday Zzzzs at camp myself 🙂