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Bucket List

I don’t think I’ve ever officially created a bucket list for my life.

If I had, motherhood probably wasn’t up there and chances of getting to any of them now are probably slim to none.

I’ve always imagined myself jumping out of an airplane. DC told me to lose that dream when I was pregnant with O. “You can’t do anything that could get you killed now that you’re gonna have a kid” he said.

Made sense at the time and even more so now that we have A.

I suppose, though, I could come up with a few items to put on a list. A short list. Nothing compared to what I may have compiled in my 20s or even 30s.

Here we go …

1. I’m going to eat a meal. With my family. All at the same time. In the same general location. When no one is crying,  or throwing food, or being particularly disruptive.

2. Sleep in. I imagine a morning filled with sunshine. The birds are chirping outside in the distance. A gentle breeze blowing in through my window. My bed is as soft as a cloud and I have no place to be. No one jumping on me or screaming for milk or cartoons.

I’m not woken and immediately thrust into mediation of a fight over who gets to be next to mommy.

3. Girls weekend. It’s been so long I fear they are lost and gone forever. Just 48-72 hours away with my broads onfe a year for the rest of myour life. No major agendas, no pants, maybe some room service and some reality TV. A spa, fancy dinner out … with drinks … maybe even some dancing! ! Or, maybe just some more TV.

I’ll have to work on this, but I think I have a pretty good list here. Achievable. Who knows, maybe I’ll add more as I knock these off the list !

  • Kelly

    I’d love a once-a-year girls trip (as soon as I can afford it). May elect to keep pants on though 🙂

  • Stevievep

    Website resurrection progress!