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I’m “Your Mom”

So a funny thing happened just about three months ago … I became a MOM!


Mostly everyone on the interweb is fully aware of this little fact already, but I still feel the need for an official post. So here it it … 12 weeks and 4 days in the making.

Owen, the baby formerly known as Pickle,Ā  was born on the 4th of July … immediately followed by a whirlwind summer of events, family visits and more importantly a crash course in parenting!

There have been many attempts to write this post, but if I’ve learned anything from parenthood it’s that my life is no longer mine to do with what I please, so in the true nature of my blogging career – I’m late.

It’s funny, but it still hasn’t fully sunk in for me yet. I keep thinking this is all just temporary … the diapers, bottles, 4am wake up when the little man decides it’s play time not sleep time … I’m just waiting to wake up and find myself back to reality.

Most days I run on autopilot. I guess deep down inside me my “mommy” programming lay dormant till it was activated by his first cry. I now know what a mother’s intuition is and strongly feel that no one can take care of my baby as well as me. I can hardly stand watching anyone else try to feed or burp him with the exception of a few.

But enough about me, let me gush a bit about my little boy!

Every mother thinks their baby is the cutest, but I honestly think mine is šŸ™‚ and I can certainly appreciate how cute other babies are, but they just aren’t quite as cute as mine lol

We’re just shy of 3 months old and he has grown so much from the 6lbs 12oz he was at birth … nearly doubled in size! He has grown so fast that I’m having to not only pack away all his newborn clothing but also his 0-3 and 3 month clothing too!!

And what’s the deal with baby clothing sizes anyway?

The most amazing part of my day is when he looks at me and out of nowhere gives me the biggest toothless grin. I absolutely adore him. He is my sunshine and I am thankful and honored everyday to be his mom.

Until I’m allowed my next post …. xoxo Diva

Special thanks goes out to my baby daddy, David. Without him I’d be living some other much less rewarding life I’m sure. I love you, I love us and I love our little family <3

  • Kat

    I’m so happy for you, for Owen, and for David! I also love this picture.

  • Karin

    The thing about Motherhood is… That feeling of pride in your child ( birth child or otherwise ) is that it grows every year with more & more love! Every accomplishment, bump in the road, celebration or disappointment in their life helps them become the person they are going to be! Now your going to know how Daddy & I feel… Enjoy the ride… Your already a GREAT Mommy! Xo. šŸ™‚