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The Year of Awesome

Well, I can’t sleep … but then who could with all the excitement this year has brought me!?
I dubbed 2012 The Year of Awesome from the start and I’m happy to report it’s really living up to the title. Well in my world at least and for that I am so grateful!
I look back on where I was a year ago … dealing with a lot of stress, newly diagnosed health condition, a relationship that just wasn’t working for me and a new position at work with many, many issues.
Today I smile so much my face hurts, I take a deep breaths when I start to feel a little stressed, I’ve found a medication to manage my pain, I’m back on WeightWatchers and thanks to a year free membership at planet fitness I’m getting back into an exercise routine. I even signed up for my 1st 5k!
I live in an awesome town with awesome “neighbors” that I’m falling more and more in love with each day. My real life social network is growing and I’ve made many new and awesome friends!
I love my job, my coworkers and I have the most wonderfully supportive and caring manager in the world. I feel valued and appreciated, unlike many past years I’ve worked for the company. Best of all I received a stellar year end review today with an unexpected promotion.
So onward and upward 2012 … at this rate I just might find that special someone to share in my awesome … not that you all aren’t super special!
Now let me see if I can catch some Zzzzs!!