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My Yoga Online – Review & Giveaway!

I’ve said it nearly every day since having the baby, sometimes over and over throughout the day, I need to exercise!

Now, I *am* one of the world’s top procrastinators, but still it is a real challenge to find make time for myself these days. From the moment I wake up I have to feed, change and dress Owen, brush my teeth & hair at a minimum … showers have become optional before leaving the house these days [who am I?] … get myself dressed and off to daycare we go! Then I am rushing back home to get my work day started, which lasts until David and Owen get home in the evening and then it’s juggle the baby, dinner and any errands or chores that need attending to. If I am lucky Owen takes a snooze before his actual bedtime and I can go back to work for a bit before we all head to bed in anticipation for doing it all over again the next day.

“But you work from home! You can exercise whenever you want!!”

Yah… okay! Let me just tell my clients I’ll be unavailable to address their issues for the next hour while I go for a jog or they will have to leave a message because my spinning class conflicts with their needs. It just isn’t happening. I wish I was as dedicated to my body as I am to my job, but my body isn’t paying the bills. Unfortunately.

Well lucky for me I live in the digital age where pretty much everything is available at my fingertips! Yes indeed. The Internet has a solution that is just right for this busy new momma with a killer back ache … nursing is a real beast on the back!?

http://myyogaonline.comThanks to My Yoga Online I no longer have an excuse nor trouble making time to get in even a few stretches here and there! This amazing site offers a grand library of online yoga videos, pilates, meditation, belly dancing (!!!), music and so much more! The design makes it super easy to explore and the search features allow me to find a variety of videos to meet my needs whether it be a full hour long floor session or 15 minutes standing in my office stretching between calls. I can even save my favorites to my profile for easy access next time I log on.

One of my favorite videos is a chair yoga class focused on the office worker and takes me through a 10 min session all while seated at my desk. It helps me to not only stretch my muscles and re-energize my body, but it gives me a nice mental break so I can refocus myself on my task list.

As a new mom another favorite of mine is the Postnatal Mom and Baby session. This one is about an hour long and while it doesn’t actually incorporate baby into poses the students in the studio have their babies by their side, which is fun to see. The rating is moderate, but all of the poses are super fluid and easy. I really enjoyed the instructor on this video who offered some helpful modifications.

Oh and I *did* mention the Belly Dancing, right!? Yah!! I love, love, love Gillian Cofsky and her Belly Dance Class! She offers two shortened sessions of a 30 min Belly Dance Power and a 15 min Belly Dance Express workout! I’ll be shakin’ it like Shakira in no time! I certainly have the post baby hips for it!!

My Yoga Online offers two unlimited streaming memberships – Monthly ($9.95) and Yearly ($89.95). What I love best is that I can access all of this content on my mobile device so no matter where I am!

So now for the really awesome part of the post …. My Yoga Online is offering one of my lucky readers a full year subscription for FREE!!! Oh yeah!! You too can tap in to the thousands of streaming videos from the comforts of your home/park/beach/bar …. virtually anywhere any time you want to for a whole year long! Seriously, how awesome is that!?

To enter into a random drawing just leave a comment on this post letting me know you want in! I’ll give you all till October 31st (so gobble up all the trick-or-treats you can now!) then I will announce the winner by post and contact you by email to let you know you have won!

Good Luck! XOXO Diva


  • pokervixen

    I like the idea. Would be handy to have some kind of option when I’m traveling.

  • Stephanie D

    Sounds cool!

  • Sharon Zydney

    Oh oh oh. Pick me. Pick me.

  • Katie Perry

    I would love to win something like this…I hear you, never have time between work, two side businesses and a three year old.