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Posts tagged ‘Christmas’

December 12th, 2017

Time, is on my side

It’s been an exciting year filled with many memories, lot’s of laughter, plenty of tears and lessons learned.

My 2017 is going out with quite a bang! as I write this from my bed where I have spent the last 11 days recovering from a Hysterectomy on December 1st. Prior to that I had been on medical leave from work to address some issues with my autoimmune disease. As it turned out, one of the major pain issues I was experiencing required the hysterectomy and so here I am.

I’m feeling fairly well over all, but looking forward to getting up and out this weekend. I NEED to find a new vehicle!! My car was totaled by a tree in a big storm that passed through here on October 30th. I’ve decided to go minivan, but still up in the air on the one I will get ….  my rental was a Dodge Grand Caravan, so I am most comfortable with that; however I am tempted by the Toyota Sierra with AWD for days like today when the snow makes getting around a little more challenging.

In my time with myself recovering from surgery, I have been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching, watching lots of Netflix and working on my little DotDotSmile business. I’m looking forward to Christmas (and getting our decorations up! … one thing that didn’t get done beforehand). Christmas day the kids and I will be flying down to visit my family in South Carolina. I’ve been looking forward to it since my Dad & Step-mom moved down a few months ago.

Next week I will begin packing us up, so I can pick up whatever I am probably forgetting we will need. I’m hoping the kids enjoy the travel (and behave!). We’ll be traveling fairly late in the day, so the plan is to strap them both in the stroller for the extent of our time in the airports. Fingers Crossed!

Anyone have any great travel tips!?

Hopefully, I’ll be visiting again soon … but if not, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year!

November 9th, 2010

Two Weeks till Turkey Time!?

I can not believe Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away!! I have been drooling over the thought of roasting a turkey the past few days, but now reality is setting in and with that I’m a little freaked out!

I love Turkey Day. I have a great family and my Dad is an awesome cook. It’s always a wonderful time spent with the fam-damily, but it’s also the marker that Christmas is coming!

This is where I freak out!

Christmas has been rough these past couple of years for me. It’s been a while since I had someone special to share the season with so naturally a girl gets a little depressed walking around solo in a world of mistletoe.

Then we have the dreaded gift giving, which I am fortunate enough to be pretty much done with this year, but due to my lack of finances the whole gift giving part of the holiday just doesn’t do it for me as in years past when I was able to afford real gifts wrapped in glamorous paper and topped with pretty ribbons and bows.

I used to love shopping for Christmas and I felt such a great excitement as I waited for the gifts to be unwrapped. I miss that so much. I don’t even care if I received anything in return really, just being able to make someone else happy was what it was all about.

My Family and Friends understand my situation and I know they aren’t expecting anything from me, but it still sucks that in stead of boxes they will be opening cards and tins of edibles (‘cus that’s all the budget will allow).

At least I know Nana will be happy. She even returned last years tin with a note requesting the exact same thing this year… now if only I could remember what I made 🙂

So I welcome your suggestions, as always, on how to get through the season with minimal Bah-humbugs in response to all the Holiday Cheer…. other then get drunk and stay drunk that is… which I already intend to do 🙂