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October 7th, 2012

Puzzle of Love

It’s been just four months since DC and I met and began the journey to Happily Ever After.

Seems so much longer, right?

Well over the course of these months we have talked a lot about the future and what we would like from it … as a couple. Initially it was about “someday” when I would move back home, where we would like to live, how we would like to spend our days, nights and weekends. All of it a distant dream.

We shared ideas about our forever home and all the amenities we’d like to have such as a claw foot tub, a window seat and of course – a hot tub!! This inspired me to create a pintrest board as our digital dream board.

We talk of getting married and starting a family … dreams I had but as the years passed I felt that they would remain just that. Dreams.

The other day DC and I were talking about our relationship and he made a comparison to a Puzzle that fit so perfectly! (pun intended).

When you start a puzzle it can be difficult at first, but then it all starts to come together. Pieces fit more easily. This is exactly how our plans have been unfolding. Each step towards our future is an open space in the puzzle of our love. Slowly, but surely we find the next piece, which falls in place with ease.

I feel so blessed, so fortunate. I don’t know who to thank for all of this, but thanks is certainly due. Every piece of this love puzzle reaffirms that this – our relationship – is meant to be. The universe has united us and I truly believe we are well on our way to greatness.

I’m happier at this moment than I may have ever been in my life.

Our future is so bright we gotta wear shades!

To be Continued …

September 28th, 2012

How should I know what to take when I don’t know where I’m going?

It’s official! I’m moving to New Hampshire!!

I’ve given my 60 day notice to my landlady and preparing to pack up all my possessions & move myself out by Dec 1st. Between now and then DC will make two van hauls of non essentials to go into storage and what remains (mostly my furniture and current wardrobe) will go to my parents with me for a month. Hopefully I will figure out the last leg of the move with all my remaining items in tow.

So, now I have all these empty boxes to fill – much Thanks to DC for not only supplying me the Bins and Boxes to fill, but for also adding labels to each so I can keep track of their contents … he spoils me.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have way too much stuff! and by stuff I mean clothes. My current apartment has ample closet space, plus a full size bureau yet all of it is packed to the brim and I still have clothing in bins in my basement and under my bed! Before I start packing I feel like it’s time to rid myself of the excess, fill a few bags for goodwill and finally get rid of those green pants that I’m never going to wear … not even on St. Patty’s Day.

BUT I CAN’T!!!!!

No, I’m not really having a case of separation anxiety this time around. There is one huge factor standing in the way of my closet clean-out. See, I don’t know yet what I will be doing for employment once I move. I don’t know if I will be able to retain my current position in a remote environment or if I will have to look for a new job, change careers or settle on something just to bring home a paycheck.

Ideally I would like to keep my current job. I’m good at it. I’m a valued employee. I believe in the company. I just don’t know if they will accommodate my request to work remotely or place me in a position which would allow me to do so.

What if I have to change careers and work in an office environment with a Business dress code? Well, I have a wardrobe for that, but I haven’t worn most of it in years since my current office dress code is relaxed business casual. I certainly wouldn’t want to get rid of those items and have to scramble to replace them! Not to mention what a waste of money that would be.

I’m in a dilemma and I don’t think even my BFF Kat and her closet Nazi skills can settle me in a decision one way or another.

It seems I will have to pack it all up and deal with it once I know where I am headed and what I should wear, which just adds a little extra stress onto the moving plan as taking it all means I may not get it all moved as strategically as I have planned out.

Oh bother.


September 15th, 2012


Time flies when you’re having fun … and really, even when I’m not having fun time seems to fly. Why is that?

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since my last post! Okay, I can believe it, because even though I think of posting often, I never make the time to do so. Typical for me and especially looking back on the past two months with all that I’ve been consumed with … summer vacations and visits with DC. We’ve managed to survive the long distance relationship for 3 whole months now!

We continue to sustain our warp speed romance, though we are approaching an end of time. The end of year. A time for us to take the next step.

Over the past two months we have had so many experiences, learned so much about each other, grown closer and most importantly we agree that we want a future together (still!). He’s met my family I’ve met his, we survived our first camping trip to the White Mountains, we attended our first big event (my BFF’s Wedding party), we intermingled our social groups and most recently we Saved the Ta-Tas by having a lump removed from one of my breasts … along with the help from my Doctor of course 😀

After 13 years and acquiring a slight hint of a Jersey accent I have made the decision to pack it all up and head north. Back to New Hampshire to be with DC.

I’m giving up my apartment, leaving the town I love nearly as much as my hometown, abandoning all my new friends and separating myself from my family 🙁  although they too plan to move back north in a few years, so I’m just getting a head start.

Oh yeah, and I’m not yet sure if I’ll have a job when this all goes down.

I’m putting a lot of trust and faith in everything working out for us. I’ve already started to lose sleep over it all. My mind is in overdrive as I sort through scenarios and try not to let the fear of the unknown discourage me.

I wont pretend I’m not scared as hell about this decision, but that’s why I am lucky to have DC to support me and help me work through all the challenges we have ahead. We are well on our way to our Happily Every After and I for one can not wait!!

July 10th, 2012

Meet the Parents

When you find yourself in a relationship there comes a time when you get to meet the Parents. I assume most situations do not move as quickly as mine has, but DC and I are still in warp speed. Trying to make up for the many years we’ve spent without each other and as quickly as possible get to our Happily Ever After.

DC came to visit me for the 4th of July. We spent 5 wonderful days together, mostly hiding out in my bed (which just so happens to be the only air-conditioned room in my apartment and the weather made it very undesirable to leave … well that and the fact that we hadn’t seen each other in over a month!).

In the time we spent together I think we managed to learn quite a bit about each other and us as a couple. We paved a little more of the path to our future … and we now know that as sweet as he is, DC can’t make scrambled eggs to save his life 😀

He’s the guy and I’m the girl in this union, proven more and more each day.

On the last evening of his trip DC and I had dinner with my family … and he survived! I don’t even remember the last time I had a man in my life that I was so excited for my parents to meet. I knew they would love him.

Next month I’ll head back home to New Hampshire where I will be spending a couple of days with DC and his family followed by a camping trip in the White Mountains. I’m so looking forward to spending the time with him that I haven’t really let the nerves sink in about meeting his family yet, but I am totally going on a diet between now and then!

To Be Continued …


June 26th, 2012

Perfectly Perfect

It’s been one unexpectedly amazing month since meeting DC face to face for the first time and I am still gloating!

Initially we had happened upon each other through comments on a mutual Facebook friend’s photo. Neither of us suspected any attraction from the other and we carried on a very nonchalant friendship immediately following the virtual encounter.

I think back on the days leading up to the official meeting and how hopeful I was to get the chance to meet this man, slightly concerned with my limited schedule and availability, but in the back of my mind I had decided it was priority. The funny things is that we hadn’t really talked in-depth about meeting or even made any tentative plans. I didn’t even know he was interested in me!

I honestly just found him intriguing and thought it would be good to make another friend back home.

DC captivated me, even in the moments we interacted leading up to that first hello. This post will be a bit of a confession to him even though he knows I had some interest, or at least more than I lead on to … or that he could hone in on 😉

This union continues to surprise me. He is perfect for me. Perfectly Perfect in so many ways. Ways in which I didn’t even realize I desired. Had I been asked what the perfect man for me consisted of, I doubt I could have described him, but now I am sure of what I want and DC hits all the marks!

Now if only I can survive just one more week till we are together again.

We have successfully made our Facebook friends nauseous with all the doting and lovey dovey message exchanges. I can’t even imagine how many people have muted me over these few weeks. 😀

Every day is one more day closer to our happily ever after …