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March 9th, 2012

Confession: I don’t get G+

I’m not completely embarrassed to admit this, even though I know I just lost some major points! 🙁

I really haven’t given it a fair shot, despite being mesmerized with their commercials every time they come on … and my love of all things Google else-wise.

Just goes to show how much my life has changed over the years. Two years ago I would have been all over it. Have I evolved away from the ‘New Media” socialite that I once was? Lost my passion for digital communities? Is there nothing about that I don’t already get from my Twitter-Facebook usage? Maybe it’s really not all it’s hyped to be!?

Just another Soc/Net … to me.

I want to love it. I really do, but how?


July 28th, 2009

Blackberry Fail

I’ve been a loyal and loving Blackberry user for over 3 years now. I’ve had two pearls and while I know they are the less desirable model among the die-hard BB users, they have always served me well…until now.

My current phone is only 6 months old and requires at least 3 battery pulls a day under normal use – which for me consists of a steady stream of SMS, a few pictures to email, checking GMail and random IMs via Blackberry Messenger.

I realize I am more demanding of the device then your typical user, which leads me to wonder if I am using the best one for my needs? I fear that if I were to “switch teams” and cross over to the dark (iPhone) side would it be able to handle all that I want and need in a mobile.

So I turn to you, my friend, for your advice, experience and recommendations. Below are all the ways in which I use my phone – Please, help me decide which way to go from here to keep me happy & connected!!

SMS – I send/receive a few text messages between friends and family each day, but in addition to that I am following about 10 active Twitter accounts of my closest friends via SMS and use it to reply as well.

MMS – I don’t use this feature all that often, since AT&T often eats them.

Email – I send more then I receive and it’s mostly pics to email and an occasional email on the go using the Blackberry email functionality.

Gmail – I use the GMail app regularly to read messages, but most of my replies are held until I am on a computer.

Twitter – I am a manic tweeter!! I manage more then one account and currently have Twitterberry, TweetGenius and UberTwitter loaded, though Twitterberry seems to use the least resources and is the one app I use most of the three.

Facebook – Yes, I know…it’s the Devil, but I still have a need to check in once in a while. I vary between the mobile app and using my browser to login.

GPS – I rely on Google maps to get me where I am going when I’m unfamiliar with the area – which accounts for 75% of the travel I do. This is a Must!

Internet/Google – I love my Google and use it often. I need a browser that can handle occasional surfing.

Camera – Have you seen my Flickr?? I take/email/upload pics every day – some days more then others, but pretty much every day.

Video Camera – While I have one, I don’t use it as often as I would like. I’d love a device that would let me record video or stream live using apps like Qik. My Blackberry has never been much of a streamer. It takes a few tries before it will actually connect and send.

Pandora – Must have streaming radio! Pandora is my service of choice. I listen in the mornings while getting ready for work and occasionally when I am sitting on my deck.

Alarm Clock – Another necessity – I rely on my BB alarm to get me out of bed every morning… lately that hasn’t been happening since the phone will freeze up over night and the alarm never rings 🙁

and lastly – I do talk on the phone every so often 🙂 I assume bluetooth is a standard features these days??

So all that being said – what would be my best fit? A better grade Blackberry? iPhone? or is there something else out there with a less popular name that I may be overlooking??? I am a loyal AT&T user with no intentions of switching service.

Now, I realize I am asking you readers a lot today, but I’d also love some tips on how to ask my service provider to accommodate an early upgrade request with a discount towards my future device. Better yet – how could I go about Test driving a device before I commit!??

TIA for your comments below & XOXOs