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August 23rd, 2016

Russian Roulette: Dining out with Toddlers 

It was a busy day at work today and I’d barely got stared on a presentation due Thursday when I found myself needing to step away. Far, far away. My butt was asleep and my stomach was so empty the rumbling was echoing! 

Even if I’d had something to throw together I just wasn’t cooking and cleaning tonight, besides we just had chicken nuggets last night … and the night before. 

So we load up the car and head to Friendly’s, even though O had made things clear he wasn’t having any of it. He wanted Happy Burgers and a toy prize, screw you and your happy ending sundaes! 

It was fairly quiet, until we showed up. By the looks of the parking lot the place should have been packed. Better for us, and for anyone else in there expecting an enjoyable meal out, that it was slow. 

From the moment I sat down I realized O was holding true to his earlier proclamation and despite picking out a burger, waffle fries AND a hot dog – he had no intention of eating. 

Time slows to a crawl and I can’t finish fast enough. All while trying to convince him to have a bite. Immune to my bribes and threats to give his meal to his sister he mocks me, floping around in his seat like he’s got ants in his pants. 

He does this thing whenever we eat next to each other where he leans into and pushes on me so much that it exceeds my touch quota almost instantly and I spend the entire meal annoyed and on a very fragile edge of totally losing my shit. 

This was one of those nights. 

No one told me that parenting would include endless hours trying to get your kid to eat two bites in exchange for ice cream! TWO BITES! Far from unreasonable. I’m not talking about  lima beans and liver here, these are your favorite foods! Your favorite foods AND ice cream!! 

Did I mention the ice cream! ? 

We finally got a half a hot dog in him and I give the signal to the waitress to make with the happy ending … I can see the finish line! We’re going to be okay!

Then … he chokes! A cherry stuck in his throat, he’s ok, but it’s stuck. He gags …he coughs … he gags some more … then he pukes! 

I’m defeated. 

Next time we’ll skip all the baloney and skip straight to the ice cream – hold the cherries.