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May 16th, 2011

Android Impressions: The 1st 24 Hours

I’ve converted! Yes, I know what many of you are thinking “You change your phone more often than you change your…” and its sorta true.
I’ve been a blackberry lover for many years now. The shiny of the iphone never really impressed me much. Sure I think its a cool phone and I love Apple equally as much as I love any other manufacturer, but when I attempted to convert with the iphone 3, what seems like ages ago, it just didn’t do it for me and running back to Rim I went.
Today I could totally see myself toting an iphone 4, though I’d probably feel the need to hold out for the 5, if there weren’t other desirable options (in my eyes).
So I’ve started a new relationship with an Android. A Samsung Infuse. It has it’s pros and cons as any device would, so here are my initial impressions:
It has a big, beautiful, brilliant display! But, I’m going to need a privacy screen soon cuss it’s so clear everyone is gonna see what I’m doing and although I have long fingers, it just might be a little too big. That’s not to say it doesn’t fit nicely in my phone pocket of my purse or the pocket of my jeans.
The 8mpx camera is sharp and it has a flash! One major reason I pitched the iphone3, and I’m not all that crazy about the iphone4 flash. It seems too warm if that makes sense. Now the infuse flash is white and bright and it nearly blinded me when I took a few self test shots!
the front camera is a plus, though I don’t know how often i’ll actually use it. I believe it’s only 1.5mpx, which is adequate, but lacking next to the iphone’s 3mpx.
Lets talk imput. When have you known to hear a chick complain about too many options? While its neat that I have so many on the infuse, I’m a little overwhelmed!! I think I have finally found some settings I can work with, but it will take me a while to adjust and tweak them just right.
I’m loving the apps and the fact that I can browse from the web and installs are sent right to my phone. I’m weary about widgets since I know they will work against me in my attempts to conserve battery juice, but they sure are cool.
Battery life is my one major concern with this phone, but even an iphone would have trouble staying juice in my hands. I love that I can swap the battery out and used to do so with my blackberry pearl.
So there you have it and all from the wordpress app! Forgive the typographical errors as I get used to this predictive text.
I’m off to play Angry Birds, which I haven’t yet decided is a pro or a con on this phone, but I will say it kept me up past my bedtime last night 🙂

More soon!! Leave me comments with your must have apps and Android tips please!!

August 21st, 2009

Living w/ iPhone, or Not?

It’s the camera.

I loved my Blackberry’s cam and I am having a hard time adjusting to the iPhone. Lack of flash just kills me, though I have found two potential solutions. iPhone cases with flash alternatives – The “Not Yet Available” SnaptureFlash and the iV double duty flash & battery extender (Thank you Twitter for those!).

My only problem is that I am 7 days into the 30 day decision period AT&T gives me for an refund on my purchase (minus a 10% restocking fee special for iPhones! AND a $35 restocking fee for devices purchased at an AT&T-owned retail store according to the policy). Seriously Lame!!!

As much as I want to snatch up one of these accessories and see if they can make me shiny happy… I am short on time and money. I’ll keep using the iPhone and see if/when I get the urge to divorce it and grab a Blackberry Bold. 🙂

Ta for now!!

Oh, and if you missed it – we totally recorded some sessions at Social Media Slumber Party 2 tonight!! Check it out @ TheSMSPary.com!!


August 16th, 2009

Living w/ iPhone

I’ve slept with a Blackberry for the past 3 years and an iPhone for the past 3 days. I couldn’t hold off the upgrade any longer so I headed over to the AT&T store Friday on my lunch break and adopted the shiny shiny 🙂

Shiny shiny

It had come down to the Blackberry Bold or the iPhone, but when I walked into the store the Bold was malfunctioning so I went with the iPhone.

Despite how much fun I am having with all the apps I can’t help feel a bit of a withdrawal. Today at the pool there were two girls with Blackberries, then watching the Kardashians and even they have em!!

I’ll give it a few weeks but the biggest adjustment for me right now is the camera and that is enough in itself to switch back… So stay tuned! 🙂

Tips are welcome, but comments are encouraged 🙂

August 3rd, 2009

Google Voice: A Dater’s Dream!

While I am still quite new to the “Dating” scene, I’ve spent the past few months communicating with potential Dates through online dating. One thing I have noticed is that not everyone is at the same level when it comes to communication.  There are plenty of us who are comfortable socializing via chat and email, but there are also many who despite their participation on the sites, just aren’t as savvy in those areas of communication.

I’ve met a great deal of guys (briefly) who want to move right to voice communication and request my phone number in the 1st 3 message exchanges. Now, that might be fine for some, but I guess I am a little weary about giving out my actual phone number out. You really never know what the other party’s calling habits are and I’m limited to the times when I actually want to sit on the phone and chat with someone. My Digital ADD doesn’t help much either LOL.

So you can imagine how happy I was when Google Voice was released! I didn’t pay much attention at first, despite getting two early invites. Then as I saw it pop-up more and more in my Blogosphere I dug one of the invites out of my Gmail trash and signed up!

Let me just say that this application has already proved itself extremely useful in my dating life. I selected a local number which is linked to my account, then I forwarded the calls to my Cell. If you are on a Blackberry (like me)  or Android you can even get an App for your phone! Sorry iPhone, no such luck although I did hear if you are jail broken you can still get the app, but it’s no longer available on the Mobile Apps Page

The biggest benefits I’ve found are the controls – you have the ability to limit when calls are forwarded to your phone. I restrict calls from forwarding during my work day. Whenever someone calls and leaves me a voice mail I receive a transcript via SMS so I know right away if I missed anyone worth calling back.

When calls are forwarded, If the caller is in my address book it will display the caller’s information to me, but when I answer I am still given the choice to accept or deny the call! How great is that? Oh and there is a really great Gadget you can install on your iGoogle homepage too! It displays recent calls and allows you to send SMS from right within the page!

Did I mention you can Block callers? No more crazy (read: Horny) callers in the middle of the night! That’s certainly not all this awesome application has to offer though. Currently it’s “Invitation Only“, but I highly recommend requesting an invitation – it will make your dating life so much better!!

Read about all the features here!

or watch this video!


PS. When you leave comments it gives me a warm fuzzy 🙂

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July 28th, 2009

Blackberry Fail

I’ve been a loyal and loving Blackberry user for over 3 years now. I’ve had two pearls and while I know they are the less desirable model among the die-hard BB users, they have always served me well…until now.

My current phone is only 6 months old and requires at least 3 battery pulls a day under normal use – which for me consists of a steady stream of SMS, a few pictures to email, checking GMail and random IMs via Blackberry Messenger.

I realize I am more demanding of the device then your typical user, which leads me to wonder if I am using the best one for my needs? I fear that if I were to “switch teams” and cross over to the dark (iPhone) side would it be able to handle all that I want and need in a mobile.

So I turn to you, my friend, for your advice, experience and recommendations. Below are all the ways in which I use my phone – Please, help me decide which way to go from here to keep me happy & connected!!

SMS – I send/receive a few text messages between friends and family each day, but in addition to that I am following about 10 active Twitter accounts of my closest friends via SMS and use it to reply as well.

MMS – I don’t use this feature all that often, since AT&T often eats them.

Email – I send more then I receive and it’s mostly pics to email and an occasional email on the go using the Blackberry email functionality.

Gmail – I use the GMail app regularly to read messages, but most of my replies are held until I am on a computer.

Twitter – I am a manic tweeter!! I manage more then one account and currently have Twitterberry, TweetGenius and UberTwitter loaded, though Twitterberry seems to use the least resources and is the one app I use most of the three.

Facebook – Yes, I know…it’s the Devil, but I still have a need to check in once in a while. I vary between the mobile app and using my browser to login.

GPS – I rely on Google maps to get me where I am going when I’m unfamiliar with the area – which accounts for 75% of the travel I do. This is a Must!

Internet/Google – I love my Google and use it often. I need a browser that can handle occasional surfing.

Camera – Have you seen my Flickr?? I take/email/upload pics every day – some days more then others, but pretty much every day.

Video Camera – While I have one, I don’t use it as often as I would like. I’d love a device that would let me record video or stream live using apps like Qik. My Blackberry has never been much of a streamer. It takes a few tries before it will actually connect and send.

Pandora – Must have streaming radio! Pandora is my service of choice. I listen in the mornings while getting ready for work and occasionally when I am sitting on my deck.

Alarm Clock – Another necessity – I rely on my BB alarm to get me out of bed every morning… lately that hasn’t been happening since the phone will freeze up over night and the alarm never rings 🙁

and lastly – I do talk on the phone every so often 🙂 I assume bluetooth is a standard features these days??

So all that being said – what would be my best fit? A better grade Blackberry? iPhone? or is there something else out there with a less popular name that I may be overlooking??? I am a loyal AT&T user with no intentions of switching service.

Now, I realize I am asking you readers a lot today, but I’d also love some tips on how to ask my service provider to accommodate an early upgrade request with a discount towards my future device. Better yet – how could I go about Test driving a device before I commit!??

TIA for your comments below & XOXOs