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Posts tagged ‘Life’

June 26th, 2012

Perfectly Perfect

It’s been one unexpectedly amazing month since meeting DC face to face for the first time and I am still gloating!

Initially we had happened upon each other through comments on a mutual Facebook friend’s photo. Neither of us suspected any attraction from the other and we carried on a very nonchalant friendship immediately following the virtual encounter.

I think back on the days leading up to the official meeting and how hopeful I was to get the chance to meet this man, slightly concerned with my limited schedule and availability, but in the back of my mind I had decided it was priority. The funny things is that we hadn’t really talked in-depth about meeting or even made any tentative plans. I didn’t even know he was interested in me!

I honestly just found him intriguing and thought it would be good to make another friend back home.

DC captivated me, even in the moments we interacted leading up to that first hello. This post will be a bit of a confession to him even though he knows I had some interest, or at least more than I lead on to … or that he could hone in on 😉

This union continues to surprise me. He is perfect for me. Perfectly Perfect in so many ways. Ways in which I didn’t even realize I desired. Had I been asked what the perfect man for me consisted of, I doubt I could have described him, but now I am sure of what I want and DC hits all the marks!

Now if only I can survive just one more week till we are together again.

We have successfully made our Facebook friends nauseous with all the doting and lovey dovey message exchanges. I can’t even imagine how many people have muted me over these few weeks. 😀

Every day is one more day closer to our happily ever after …

May 23rd, 2012

Right where I’m supposed to be… or am I?

UntitledA few weeks ago I came to the realization that I am right where I am supposed to be. I’ve been happier than I have been in a very long time.

I accept full responsibility for my Singletude. I am Happily Single!

That’s not to say I wouldn’t enjoy being less single, if the right guy was interested 😉 but for now, I enjoy my life. As is.

Isn’t it funny how just when you start to get used to life, it switches things up on you?

So I really shouldn’t be surprised when I get a call from my manager … AKA My Favorite-est Manager EVER!!  More than “Greatest Boss” mug worthy … telling me that a re-org announcement will be made shortly and she will no longer be my manager *major sadface*. She has been the most supportive, inspirational, encouraging, caring manager I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Well, before I get too tear-y eyed over it …

My point of the post comes from something she said to me earlier today. How maybe sometimes things are just meant to change, something that I had been trying to tell myself yesterday. It doesn’t mean I am not still on track. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I am settled in to life again when I have to duck another curve ball!

I am making peace with the fact that I have lost … and hope for another opportunity to work with her again in my future.

Now I am looking forward to the challenges which come with change and more opportunities to make an impact in my career. It’s what I thrive on. I think this change will make a positive impact on our business unit and improve process in need of attention. I hope to be a major contributor to change  – for the better!

Oh, and my new manager happens to be really great too and I think we will work well together 😀

Wish me luck!

October 26th, 2010

So Indecisive

That is me for quite some time now and I feel as though I am getting worse with time and singularity.

I enjoy being single. It’s nice to have all this time to myself after many, many years of there always being someone else to consider. I’m pretty selfish in general so naturally I’m quite content having me all to myself.

So why do I keep feeling like I need to date or find a man to share a part of my life with? Do I really need one? More importantly do I really want one? Is what I am feeling a result of society’s influences on me? I swear it’s like being a teen who feels the need to rock the latest designer jeans … ‘cus all her friends are doing it.

True, not ALL my friends are dating or in relationships, but those who are seem to be more prevalent to me then those who aren’t and I do feel a bit envious of them.

It would be so nice to have someone around to hang out and watch a movie with, to cook for/with, to enjoy a night out with occasionally, to plan adventures with, to take little day trips into the city for a walk in the park, or visit a museum, or go to a concert, maybe a drive to the shore or a scenic ride in the country?

All of that sounds so nice, but I still can’t decide if I really need it. What’s worse is I haven’t the slightest idea how to find it or maybe I just don’t have the patients to wait for someone to fill the position so I bounce between wanting and not wanting it for myself.

Am I wrong in thinking when the time is right it will all fall in to place? When the right one comes along I will just know it? Or are there a specific set of actions I should be taking in my life to put me on the right track?


June 14th, 2010

I Guess I’m Just Happy

One year ago my life started over. I chose a new path for my future and embarked on a mission to find a new happiness.

Over the weekend I stepped back into my old my old life for a moment…I revisited my old home, which I left behind seven months ago.

I’d been meaning to make time to go back and pick up a few items I’d left behind, but each time I found an excuse not to. I guess I felt like it would always be there for me even though I know it wont.

In my head there is a piece of me that feels like I am living in that life still. When I think of Home… when I speak of “home”… that is the place my mind sees.

I wonder how much longer before I feel at “home” in my new dwelings…Will I ever? Perhaps never. Maybe I am not supposed to, maybe this is an intermidate between homes and I should continue to look forward to the future and what comes next.

I guess I’m just happy …
That I finally took the time to go back.
That now I might be able to find some closure.
That I can look to a future of my choice.
That I have a place of my own, despite it not feeling a home.
That in the past year I have grown to learn so much about who I am, just me, and continue to do so every day.
That I have all that I do despite all the mistakes I have made in my past and the life I left behind.

“I’m not like them but I can pretend
The sun is gone but I have a light
The day is done but I’m having fun
I think I’m dumb or maybe just happy
Think I’m just happy…”
-Nirvana, Dumb

February 28th, 2009

February Meme

Sick sucks!
I’m Sick, there is nothing on TV, I don’t feel like chatting, or being social and although I have a bunch of stuff on my To-Do List, I don’t feel like doing any of it right now. So how about a quick lil meme about what I’ve been up to this February.

Celebrating the superbowl in style!
The Month Kicked off with the Superbowl. Sadly the Patriots were not playing and I honestly don’t think I could tell you who  did. I sorta cared less and had it on in the background while I did chores.

Nu shooz! Brown
New Shoes for Work became my priority after Mother Nature teased us with some spring like conditions. I found two great pair, one black and these brown.

Popped into Second Life once or Twice.

Wished I’d had a better camera to capture this amazing moon! Crappy Crackberry pic was my only option. 🙁

Spent a weekend+ in NYC with my Valentine.

Belvedere castle
Visited a Castle and climbed to the top.

Nu shooz!
More new shoes! Super duper comfy!! (not so good for hours at the museum, but good for kicking around)

NYC w/ Christopher
Saw some cool stuff at MOMA

NYC w/ Christopher
Especially in here. (Gothic. By Jackson Pollock)

My boy loves me
Snuggled up my Johnny Cat

Mmm margarita!
Enjoyed a Pina Colada Margarita!!

Its a ... Coughdrop!
And played “Guess What’s in My Mouth” three days in a row ending with a coughdrop.

All in all a very good month! Now time for some soup & some Hulu.