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Posts tagged ‘New Media Expo’

March 1st, 2012

Remember when Social Networking was Free!!??

I do and it’s part of the reason why I did not purchase early discount tickets to BlogHer 2012 today for $189, which is being held this August 2-4 in NYC. Well, that and the fact that I currently owe the IRS a huge chunk of change, but hey we all have our financial challenges and I won’t bother dwelling on it in this post. I’m just going the responsible route and sucking it up.

I still really, really want to attend BlogHer and I would love-love-love to attend BlogWorld and New Media Expo NY 2012, but financially I can not justify the out of pocket expense at this time. Perhaps an opportunity will come along … I’ll save my campaigning (begging and pleading) for another post.

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August 19th, 2008

New Media Expo – Thoughts & Thanks – #NME

Too Lazy to write, look like poop, but didn’t want to not say it 🙂

Viva Las NME!!!My New Media Expo Thoughts & Thanks!


Oh, and Caption Contest on this one please!! lol
Tub o fun!