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October 25th, 2013

My Yoga Online – Review & Giveaway!

I’ve said it nearly every day since having the baby, sometimes over and over throughout the day, I need to exercise!

Now, I *am* one of the world’s top procrastinators, but still it is a real challenge to find make time for myself these days. From the moment I wake up I have to feed, change and dress Owen, brush my teeth & hair at a minimum … showers have become optional before leaving the house these days [who am I?] … get myself dressed and off to daycare we go! Then I am rushing back home to get my work day started, which lasts until David and Owen get home in the evening and then it’s juggle the baby, dinner and any errands or chores that need attending to. If I am lucky Owen takes a snooze before his actual bedtime and I can go back to work for a bit before we all head to bed in anticipation for doing it all over again the next day.

“But you work from home! You can exercise whenever you want!!”

Yah… okay! Let me just tell my clients I’ll be unavailable to address their issues for the next hour while I go for a jog or they will have to leave a message because my spinning class conflicts with their needs. It just isn’t happening. I wish I was as dedicated to my body as I am to my job, but my body isn’t paying the bills. Unfortunately.

Well lucky for me I live in the digital age where pretty much everything is available at my fingertips! Yes indeed. The Internet has a solution that is just right for this busy new momma with a killer back ache … nursing is a real beast on the back!?

http://myyogaonline.comThanks to My Yoga Online I no longer have an excuse nor trouble making time to get in even a few stretches here and there! This amazing site offers a grand library of online yoga videos, pilates, meditation, belly dancing (!!!), music and so much more! The design makes it super easy to explore and the search features allow me to find a variety of videos to meet my needs whether it be a full hour long floor session or 15 minutes standing in my office stretching between calls. I can even save my favorites to my profile for easy access next time I log on.

One of my favorite videos is a chair yoga class focused on the office worker and takes me through a 10 min session all while seated at my desk. It helps me to not only stretch my muscles and re-energize my body, but it gives me a nice mental break so I can refocus myself on my task list.

As a new mom another favorite of mine is the Postnatal Mom and Baby session. This one is about an hour long and while it doesn’t actually incorporate baby into poses the students in the studio have their babies by their side, which is fun to see. The rating is moderate, but all of the poses are super fluid and easy. I really enjoyed the instructor on this video who offered some helpful modifications.

Oh and I *did* mention the Belly Dancing, right!? Yah!! I love, love, love Gillian Cofsky and her Belly Dance Class! She offers two shortened sessions of a 30 min Belly Dance Power and a 15 min Belly Dance Express workout! I’ll be shakin’ it like Shakira in no time! I certainly have the post baby hips for it!!

My Yoga Online offers two unlimited streaming memberships – Monthly ($9.95) and Yearly ($89.95). What I love best is that I can access all of this content on my mobile device so no matter where I am!

So now for the really awesome part of the post …. My Yoga Online is offering one of my lucky readers a full year subscription for FREE!!! Oh yeah!! You too can tap in to the thousands of streaming videos from the comforts of your home/park/beach/bar …. virtually anywhere any time you want to for a whole year long! Seriously, how awesome is that!?

To enter into a random drawing just leave a comment on this post letting me know you want in! I’ll give you all till October 31st (so gobble up all the trick-or-treats you can now!) then I will announce the winner by post and contact you by email to let you know you have won!

Good Luck! XOXO Diva


September 30th, 2013

I’m “Your Mom”

So a funny thing happened just about three months ago … I became a MOM!


Mostly everyone on the interweb is fully aware of this little fact already, but I still feel the need for an official post. So here it it … 12 weeks and 4 days in the making.

Owen, the baby formerly known as Pickle,  was born on the 4th of July … immediately followed by a whirlwind summer of events, family visits and more importantly a crash course in parenting!

There have been many attempts to write this post, but if I’ve learned anything from parenthood it’s that my life is no longer mine to do with what I please, so in the true nature of my blogging career – I’m late.

It’s funny, but it still hasn’t fully sunk in for me yet. I keep thinking this is all just temporary … the diapers, bottles, 4am wake up when the little man decides it’s play time not sleep time … I’m just waiting to wake up and find myself back to reality.

Most days I run on autopilot. I guess deep down inside me my “mommy” programming lay dormant till it was activated by his first cry. I now know what a mother’s intuition is and strongly feel that no one can take care of my baby as well as me. I can hardly stand watching anyone else try to feed or burp him with the exception of a few.

But enough about me, let me gush a bit about my little boy!

Every mother thinks their baby is the cutest, but I honestly think mine is 🙂 and I can certainly appreciate how cute other babies are, but they just aren’t quite as cute as mine lol

We’re just shy of 3 months old and he has grown so much from the 6lbs 12oz he was at birth … nearly doubled in size! He has grown so fast that I’m having to not only pack away all his newborn clothing but also his 0-3 and 3 month clothing too!!

And what’s the deal with baby clothing sizes anyway?

The most amazing part of my day is when he looks at me and out of nowhere gives me the biggest toothless grin. I absolutely adore him. He is my sunshine and I am thankful and honored everyday to be his mom.

Until I’m allowed my next post …. xoxo Diva

Special thanks goes out to my baby daddy, David. Without him I’d be living some other much less rewarding life I’m sure. I love you, I love us and I love our little family <3

June 19th, 2013

Bumpdate: Freak-out and Relax!

This may possibly be my last bump date before baby Pickle arrives. It’s been a crazy week in pregnancy-land.

Last Wednesday I went in to see my OB for a non-scheduled visit for fear that I had ruptured my bag of waters. There was all this fluid and while it didn’t seem as dramatic as my actual water breaking it sure did seem suspect. That wasn’t the case, but while I was there my blood pressure was really high. Certainly couldn’t have been related to the fact that I spent the day worried that this baby was planning his exit strategy 3 weeks early!

At my regularly scheduled appointment on Thursday my blood pressure was still elevated so I was told to keep an eye on it and come back in first thing on Monday morning, but I didn’t get that far. Friday afternoon I was feeling a little off. My heart was racing and my breath felt short. So after reading a bit about preeclampsia I decided I better call my Doctor who advised me to head on over to the Birthing Center and get checked out.

After several hours “hanging” in the hospital everything checked out normal. Baby was looking good, my oxygen was good, blood was good, urine was good. I headed home with some “homework” to spend the next 24 hours collecting urine and bed-rest for the weekend. So much for my plans to help DC paint the old house in preparation for new tenants moving in. Oh and the hoards of boxes in my living & dining rooms? Yah, still there.

Along comes Monday and I am back at the Doctors office. Blood pressure is still high so back to the Birthing center I go.

All the tests come back perfectly normal! What gives? I know Pickle isn’t trying to come early at this point because I haven’t even had the slightest contraction … and I had a talk with him about how once he comes out he wont be getting the direct feed of ice cream he’s been enjoying so much.

Another 24 hour urine collection … it’s a glamorous life I tell ya!

Yesterday we had an ultrasound to check fluids and measurements and all is well with those too, but at today’s follow up my blood pressure was still elevated; however lower than it had been. My doctor advised that at this point she believes I have Gestational Hypertension which could easily turn into preeclampsia so we discussed the possibility of induction.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. For the past 8 months all I have thought about was how I was going to really enjoy my last weeks of pregnancy. Weekends at the lake in my super cute maternity swim suit. Evenings exploring my new town and walks around my new neighborhood. Yet here I am faced with a possible eviction notice on my baby and as much as I can not wait to have him and hols him and give him all my love, well … it just feels so all of a sudden!

I truly thought I was going to be pregnant until mid-July!

Additionally, my due date has been reset back to it’s original date of July 2nd. All this time I was planning for the 7th but my current doctor feels that since the difference was less than 7 days they are going with the 2nd, which means instead of being just over 37 weeks I’m now 38 weeks and induction would happen at 39 weeks!!


And now relax because really I have no reason. I have everything I need to care for this little guy when he makes his debut, though I would rather it be on his terms and not being forced out of his warm and cozy belly-home. His room is ready. My hospital bag is packed. My diaper bag is packed. Clothes, sheets, blankets are all washed and ready. Our car seat is installed.

I just really wish I didn’t have all this clutter of unpacked boxes filled with things that seem so unessential to me right now. If you happen to know of any magic disappearing boxes fairies please send them my way!

Until my next post please keep your fingers crossed for us that we are able to wait out this delivery until Pickle decides it’s time!






April 12th, 2013

Bumpdate: 3 Month Countdown!

So the other day one of the moms in my baby group tossed it out there that we only have 13 weeks to go till baby arrives … wait, WHAT!? How did that happen!? It was only a few weeks ago I was peeing on a stick and now I’m fast approaching the birthday of my little dude!

*Cue The Final Countdown*

So here’s the part of pregnancy when I can kick back and relax, enjoy this growing belly and not having to worry about counting calories (much). I can leisurely nest and prepare my home for baby’s big arrival. I can dive in to some good reads about new parenting, newborn care and what all to expect as a first time mom. I can pamper myself with pedicures and prenatal massages ….


My reality is that I am no where near relaxed. Nesting is a far off dream of mine that I fear may never come true! I can’t even focus enough to get though an ebook right now because my head is so cluttered with all the stuff looming over the arrival of this baby.

I’m staring at a brick wall. Just beyond it is a new home closer to family, friends and DC’s job as well as our eventual daycare center. Unfortunately, we are waiting to sign a lease on the home of our dreams and until we do so I can’t do much of anything that needs to be done. I am so torn up and  anxious awaiting a green light to move forward so I can start to tackle all of the other items on my enormously huge to-do list … not to mention pack, move and unpack!

I’ve been scouring the internet for an alternative home, but every one that I have seen has a major safety issue or doesn’t accommodate our basic needs. It’s quite discouraging to say the least.

I’ve recently decided to change hospitals for my delivery, which means I also need to find a new OB to actually deliver the baby. Kinda late in the game to be making the switch, but I think it’s for the best. I’ll also need to register for birthing classes and such so I have some clue as to what the hell I am doing when it comes time to push. Oh and there is that little thing called a nursery that will need to be set up with a crib so baby has some where to sleep! These are just a few of the things that need to happen, but again … I’m stuck. Waiting.

I keep trying to tell myself it will all work out. Everything has for us thus far and everything will going forward. It just sucks that it is taking longer than I had hoped and these damned hormones are less than helpful!

I’m going to eat some ice cream and try not to think about my stress for 5 minutes. Wish me luck!