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May 29th, 2010


Every once in a while I catch a “Re-Tweet to Win” in my Twitter stream. I know of a few friends who have won some interesting prizes as the result of Re-Tweeting, but never did I imagine I would end up with a prize of 2500 Condoms!

Thanks to the awesome folks at Leftos and OneCondoms I’m now the proud owner of “a Football Fields length of Condoms” which is approximately 2500 condoms!! Yes, Really!!

When the box arrived I was SHOCKED at it’s size… I hadn’t imagined how many 2500 condoms really were I guess!

So now the question… What to do with all these condoms!?

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from Twitter and the general public….along with a handful of personal orders for  share of my bounty, which I’ll be shipping out in about a week.

Well, It’s Fleet Week in NYC and as a tradition my BFF Kelly and I are hitting the streets for some eye candy. Armed with hundreds of Condoms we should have no troubles making the streets of NYC Safer for our Sea Men and hopefully put a few smiles on faces 🙂

I’ll try to remember to capture a few Kodak moments from this adventure and report back to you on the success of our mission!

Happy Memorial Day! Stay Safe and Call me if you’re in need of condoms!! lol

February 28th, 2009

February Meme

Sick sucks!
I’m Sick, there is nothing on TV, I don’t feel like chatting, or being social and although I have a bunch of stuff on my To-Do List, I don’t feel like doing any of it right now. So how about a quick lil meme about what I’ve been up to this February.

Celebrating the superbowl in style!
The Month Kicked off with the Superbowl. Sadly the Patriots were not playing and I honestly don’t think I could tell you who  did. I sorta cared less and had it on in the background while I did chores.

Nu shooz! Brown
New Shoes for Work became my priority after Mother Nature teased us with some spring like conditions. I found two great pair, one black and these brown.

Popped into Second Life once or Twice.

Wished I’d had a better camera to capture this amazing moon! Crappy Crackberry pic was my only option. 🙁

Spent a weekend+ in NYC with my Valentine.

Belvedere castle
Visited a Castle and climbed to the top.

Nu shooz!
More new shoes! Super duper comfy!! (not so good for hours at the museum, but good for kicking around)

NYC w/ Christopher
Saw some cool stuff at MOMA

NYC w/ Christopher
Especially in here. (Gothic. By Jackson Pollock)

My boy loves me
Snuggled up my Johnny Cat

Mmm margarita!
Enjoyed a Pina Colada Margarita!!

Its a ... Coughdrop!
And played “Guess What’s in My Mouth” three days in a row ending with a coughdrop.

All in all a very good month! Now time for some soup & some Hulu.