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Posts tagged ‘Online Dating’

May 2nd, 2012

Online Dating just got WAY more exciting!

By now I am sure you have all heard about the new online dating site World Wide Lovers, but have you heard that newly single celebrity heart throb Ashton Kutcher is signed up and looking for love!!???

I’ve been off dating for a little while now, but if there is one reason to put myself back on the market I think this just might be it!

They do say that one out of every five people find love on the internet.  I just never thought that I could potentially be matched up with Ashton Kutcher!! I think it’s time to update my profile and pictures.

I have a hard enough time deciding what to wear on a date with a non-celebrity and just think about all the paparazzi!

Do you know a special single lady who’d die for the chance to date Ashton? Be sure you tell them all about it and send them over to WorldWideDating.com for their chance!

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March 1st, 2012

Things NOT to ask on a First Date

This morning I caught a Tweet referencing a trending topic “Bad First Date Questions”.

I shared a few from my personal experience and thought it would make for a fun, quick & dirty post.

“Are those real?”
On a first date at a Hotel Bar “So, do you want to get a room?”
“Are you a Democrat or Republican?”
Him “How does July sound?” Me “For what?” Him “Our wedding”
At dinner “How about we just share an appetizer”
“Do you want to be exclusive?”
“So, when is the last time you had sex?”
“My Ex-wife and I are having an open house tomorrow, do you want to come?”
“Is your sister single too?”
“Why are you single?”
“Do you mind if I bring my kid?”

I’ll let you decide which of these I’ve actually heard versus those I just think are straight up No Nos. Please share your own in the comments!

February 10th, 2011

How About We…

It’s 2011 and Online Dating has become *the* most popular way to meet people… but haven’t we had enough of wading through seas of profiles in search of potential matches? Spending hours tweeking our likes/dislikes in hopes of catching the eye of that special someone? Wasting days upon days in correspondence till finally one of you suggests a meet?

Who even has the time anymore!?

Well good news fellow daters! HowAboutWe is here and they have an all new, exciting and adventurous approach to Online Dating!!

HowAboutWe is about putting the date back in dating. It’s simple and get’s right to the point! You sign up, complete a couple of brief profile questions, then just fill in your “How about we…” with date you want to go on! They even offer suggestions to help you get started.

After signing up you can view other member’s “How About We…” suggestions with options for bookmarking, letting the member know your intrigued, or straight up sending them a message. What’s even cooler is the Twitter and Facebook integration for the over-sharer in all of us. 😀

There weren’t too many members in my area *YET* but I really enjoyed surfing through all the “How About We…”s and even bookmarked a few ideas! Never again will I find myself stuck in an endless loop of “I dunno, what do YOU wanna do??”

Want some more good news? Just in time for Valentine’s DayHowAboutWe.com is offering a special 33% Off their service! Just use Promo Code: VDAYFUN when you Subscribe.

So go check it out! Get out there and DO something!!

November 23rd, 2010

Put Your Best Face Forward

We’ve all heard the saying “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” but when it comes to your online dating profile picture it can be worth so much more!

The difference between a good photo and a GREAT photo could be all it takes for that special someone to notice your profile. That’s the whole objective to online dating anyway, right? If you weren’t looking to get noticed, then why bother?

I’m an avid self-photo taker. I’m also fortunate enough to be pretty photogenic, so I’ve never really had much trouble attracting viewers to my profile. As a matter of fact a few months back while on vacation I snapped this picture when I was feeling a little fun and flirty.

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October 24th, 2010

Blown off the Market

I recently started talking to this guy on OKCupid. I haven’t been fully out there looking to date anyone right now, but I still check my online dating profiles about once a week to sort through new messages and chat with other members about online dating and such.

Well, this guy seemed interesting enough and so I pursued a first date. The plan was set and we were to meet for drinks on Thursday after work. It just so happened he wanted to meet at the same place I had just met that guy from Chemistry.com who turned out to be a total fail. This should have been the only sign I needed.

Thursday fell through. He got tied up with work and then in traffic and by the time he would have gotten there it would have been too late, so we pushed to possibly doing drinks on Friday. I don’t know if it would have actually happened or not but I ended up canceling on him thanks to some extreme stomach pains. . . Ice Cream and I are no longer friends.

So once again we rescheduled – this time Saturday Lunch. I got up and went to the gym early and started to get a little concerned as I hadn’t received a confirmation on what time we would be meeting. We exchanged a couple texts while I was at the gym, but no answer to what time. I got home from the gym, showered and started getting hungry. Still no reply. Getting blown off apparently.

Then I decided to text his work phone and he explained that he left his cell at home when he had an emergency at work he had to attend to. He seemed sincere and asked me if we could do dinner. I agreed and went on with my day, but once again I didn’t get a time to meet. . . I’m obviously not too great at date planning.

Dinner time rolls around and he is MIA. I decide to wait until 7 before totally giving up figuring he might have gotten caught up.  6:58 a text comes through – “Hey Cutie! Came home and fell asleep”.  That’s it. No other signs of life what so ever and another platinum member of the Douchebag Club is born!

So what have I learned from all of this?

As much as I wasn’t looking for anything super serious to come out of this 1st date, I am very sensitive to rejection.  This made me think about how I have made other people feel by rejecting them and I am really not feeling that scene right now.

One good thing that has come out of all of this is an opportunity to give it another go with a guy who I’ve been talking to for a few months now. I haven’t really given him the fairest shot, but he also has some things to work on if he wants to keep me hooked. Lucky for him I am good at bossing…err… giving direction….uhh….constructive criticism. 🙂

I hope he really is up for the challenge, cause I think we’ll make a pretty good team.