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Posts tagged ‘Podcamp’

March 1st, 2012

Remember when Social Networking was Free!!??

I do and it’s part of the reason why I did not purchase early discount tickets to BlogHer 2012 today for $189, which is being held this August 2-4 in NYC. Well, that and the fact that I currently owe the IRS a huge chunk of change, but hey we all have our financial challenges and I won’t bother dwelling on it in this post. I’m just going the responsible route and sucking it up.

I still really, really want to attend BlogHer and I would love-love-love to attend BlogWorld and New Media Expo NY 2012, but financially I can not justify the out of pocket expense at this time. Perhaps an opportunity will come along … I’ll save my campaigning (begging and pleading) for another post.

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July 23rd, 2008


Augustana, “Boston”

Every time I visit, I wish I lived there….If I lived there, I’d be home by now – or so the sign reminded me every time I headed North to NH.

In my childhood I always looked for it as the closure to a day in the city. As I got older, and got my own car, I would drive in with my girlfriends for shopping and whatnot. I visited friend’s who went to college there. Even drove through a MAJOR Blizzard to get down there for a Friend’s Birthday Party and it was a blast! Totally worth risking my life with the one other vehicle (an 18 wheeler) making it in a record 45 minutes!

I’ll slow down when I am older 🙂 I’ll surely take after my Grandmother, who used to get pulled over for going TOO SLOW!! I tried to tell her! hahaha

Boston’s only about a 4.5 hour drive, if I get lucky and the traffic is flowing I can make it in under 4. CT and its two lane highways blows and it figures its like 75% of the trip. I love my car though and I’ve always liked to drive, so that’s not much of an issue. It’s having to drive home that sucks 🙁

I drove up last weekend and attended Podcamp Boston 3. I hadn’t planned to attend till almost the last minute, but when I got the call from Kat that she would be traveling up there for an interview it was all the excuse I needed! I had an amazing time consisting of BBQs with SL/Twitter Friends, Luxury Hotel Accommodations (I can’t bear to look at the bill), hanging out with some of the greatest people I know in the social/new media worlds, meeting some who I’ve seen/followed/e-stalked but hadn’t caught up with yet, learning, drinking, and singing Karaoke till my throat hurt.

There is no such thing as food on a stick after 1am in the Commonwealth/Newburry St. area, but they DO have Condom World! Sadly, I was unable to fit in any window shopping, but at least I know for any future visits!

Kat got the job! I’m thrilled!!! Not just for her, but for me as well. I’m kinda selfish like that, but she loves me enough to over look it. Now if only I could find a way to convince Kelly, that even though she is the biggest Yankees Fan I know, Boston will have her and treat her well!