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September 15th, 2012


Time flies when you’re having fun … and really, even when I’m not having fun time seems to fly. Why is that?

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since my last post! Okay, I can believe it, because even though I think of posting often, I never make the time to do so. Typical for me and especially looking back on the past two months with all that I’ve been consumed with … summer vacations and visits with DC. We’ve managed to survive the long distance relationship for 3 whole months now!

We continue to sustain our warp speed romance, though we are approaching an end of time. The end of year. A time for us to take the next step.

Over the past two months we have had so many experiences, learned so much about each other, grown closer and most importantly we agree that we want a future together (still!). He’s met my family I’ve met his, we survived our first camping trip to the White Mountains, we attended our first big event (my BFF’s Wedding party), we intermingled our social groups and most recently we Saved the Ta-Tas by having a lump removed from one of my breasts … along with the help from my Doctor of course 😀

After 13 years and acquiring a slight hint of a Jersey accent I have made the decision to pack it all up and head north. Back to New Hampshire to be with DC.

I’m giving up my apartment, leaving the town I love nearly as much as my hometown, abandoning all my new friends and separating myself from my family 🙁  although they too plan to move back north in a few years, so I’m just getting a head start.

Oh yeah, and I’m not yet sure if I’ll have a job when this all goes down.

I’m putting a lot of trust and faith in everything working out for us. I’ve already started to lose sleep over it all. My mind is in overdrive as I sort through scenarios and try not to let the fear of the unknown discourage me.

I wont pretend I’m not scared as hell about this decision, but that’s why I am lucky to have DC to support me and help me work through all the challenges we have ahead. We are well on our way to our Happily Every After and I for one can not wait!!

November 4th, 2010

No Filter Here

I over-share on the Internet. I Tweet, I Foursquare, I Flickr … pretty much every thing that is part of my life gets exposed to the web.

Not everyone is as open as I am. I guess I just have no filters, which is strange because I have always been quite a shy person… well, around new people and in new situations. I know I totally don’t come off that way, but I am.

So when new people come into my life, especially if it’s via one of my social outlets, I expect that they accept this behaviour from me.

I’m not very good about respecting other’s privacy. It’s not even something I consider when I am twittering away about this, that and the other… and certainly not when I am blogging. I just sort of open up a note pad and let my thoughts flow from my brain out through my fingers hoping they hit all the right keys.

I realize this could cause some serious conflicts in my “Real Life” specifically when a guy comes along who may not be so open or willing to be subject matter. My first thought is “Why wouldn’t he want me to talk about him?” I assume he must be hiding something, perhaps other relationships and he is afraid he will be exposed.

It’s just so normal to me that I never think maybe they just aren’t comfortable with strangers reading about how “he did the sweetest thing today”, or “man, he really ticked me off when”.

What is the right approach to take with the people in your life when it comes to social media? Do you ask them upfront if they mind? or at a certain point in the relationship?

I guess I just need a filter. Put in on my Christmas list!

November 3rd, 2010

A Step Closer to Living the Life I Love

Last night I attended the last of three “Live the Life you Love” events in NYC this year presented by SingleEdition & Spark Networks at the Samsung Experience Store in Columbus Circle.

First off, what a great venue! As much as I enjoyed last year’s, which took place in the shoe department at Saks, this year I got to play around with some shiny gadgets! If there is one thing I love as much as shoes it’s gadgets!! 😀

Annnnnyway – the sessions were great! I always take away so much from these events from networking with other single women to the the speakers…and ironically there is always one topic that applies to my present day life.

Not only did I have a chance to chat with a few of my NYC Relationship Blogging Idols – Laurie & Jill of eFlirtExpert, Nando of Nandoism and Simone Grant of Sex, Lies and Dating in the city.

We also listend to advice from a panel of experts on dealing with fear and rejection in relationships, steps to take towards getting the job of your dreams, how to handle sexual harrassment and discrimination in the work place, and tips on taking control when meeting men.

A couple resources I’d like to share are:
http://www.thefearlessfactor.com/ Overcome fear and anxiety so you can create greater confidence and communication in your life.
www.85broads.com & www.napw.com Two sites to help women career minded women get ahead.

I’ll also be stopping by my local library in search of a couple books I was turned on to at the event:
The Working Woman’s Legal Survival Guide
The Happy Baker Cookbook

This event has truly brought me one BIG step closer to living the life I love and hopefully by passing on a bit of what I learned can help you too!

June 1st, 2009

Summer Lovin’

Times have changed since the days of Danny & Sandy. Relationships these days seem to come and go and it can be quite a task to keep up with who’s on again/off again. Well thanks to the fine folks at Social Diva, we now have “The Social Diva Dating Dictionary”.

These terms should help keep you and your fellow Divas up to speed when discussing the latest man in your life:

Five Minute Man: Our term for a relationship that lasts, oh, about five minutes. Quick and easy, it’s the Diva version of a catch and release program.

Summer Sometimes: The term for a man who you see when you feel like it. This is the guy who’s fun for a party, maybe dinner (and whatever else), but not really long-term relationship material.

Summer Fling: A romance that lasts while the weather is hot. Warm weather means steamy romance and this is the relationship that’s got heat. Whether it makes it past Labor Day or not, these are the men that get a Diva all hot and bothered.

Summer Import: Even though local men are just adorable, sometimes it’s nice to meet someone from another town or even another country, especially if they travel in on business every once in a while.

Blind Date: Ever meet someone at a party and then agree to go on a date with them later only to discover they aren’t nearly as cute as you remember? Yep, you’re on a Blind Date.

Duck and Cover: The maneuver where you’re out and about and you spot someone you’d rather not see so you basically bury yourself in a crowd so they can’t see you.  This is especially useful if you’re with your Summer Sometimes and your Summer Fling happens to walk in.

Check out Social Diva in your area and subscribe to the newsletter at http://SocialDiva.com … and this blog post wouldn’t be complete with out a lil’ Tweet – so be sure to follow Social Diva’s Twitter!!

Add your own terms in the comments!!


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