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November 12th, 2010

My Kitchen Wish-list

It’s been a little over a year since I began cooking for myself and have really gotten into making a weekly pot o’something and baking the occasional muffins/cookies/cupcakes, but my poor kitchen is quite lacking in the tools department so here are the top 5 items on my Kitchen Wish-list:

1. A proper hand mixer! Since recently developing carpal tunnel it’s become more apparent that this tool is a must have… especially if you tasted the icing on my cupcakes last weekend. Mixing by hand really can’t compare to the electric hand mixer’s ability to create light and fluffy icing.

2. A Food Processor! Another area where carpal tunnel has taken a toll on me is in chopping. I have a mandolin, but after that one incident where I nearly lost a finger I try to limit my use of it. Plus, a food processor can do so much more for my soups and salads!

3. Proper Mixing bowls! I have a total of One. And it’s not even a very big one at that. Not only would having a couple on hand be helpful, but it would save so much prep time when I am having to mix one thing, then wash the bowl to mix up something else for the same recipe. ugh.

4. Cutting Boards! I purchased a bunch of those disposable ones once, which are great for keeping a sanitary kitchen – each one marked veggie, meat, chicken, or fish – but they have no weight to them and so they shift and slide and just don’t hold any ground compared to a real cutting board.

5. Bake-ware! The more I have the more I can Bake! Give me a couple standard loaf pans, cupcake pans and cookie sheets and I’ll be in Betty Crocker Heaven! I’ve never used the new fancy silicone ones, so maybe I can get some feedback on how those compare to the old school metal?


That’s all it will take to make this Diva even more happily domesticated and keep things cooking in my kitchen. So now the question is which are the best purchases for my needs?

Oh and if there are any manufacturers reading this blog please contact me!! I would love to do some product reviews!!

July 26th, 2009

Unboxing: Goodies from SingleEdition

In the Box:

Jessie Steele Apron  – Bib Josephine Red & Pink Polka Dot Apron found Here

I can’t wait to cook! How cute is this!?

Jessie Steele Apron

SweetSpot Labs – Gentle Wash Aroma No. 24 – Basil Grapefruit found Here.  I love the fresh scent!!

and lastly by Writer Jerusha Stewart – The Single Girl’s Manifesta which can be found on Amazon

I’m off bed, book in hand!!  Thanks again to SingleEdition.com for all their awesomeness!! You should totally check them out if you haven’t already 🙂


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July 16th, 2009

Adult Toy Review: Rub My Duckie!

Thank You to the nice folks @ The Adult Toy Shoppe for sending me the “I Rub My Duckie”, which can be found on their new web site *HERE* for only $14.99 (Battery Included!)

The package comes unmarked and very discrete, if you are worried about that sort of thing. The Duckie gave me a bit of a challenge to get the battery loaded and loacked, so prepare yourself with a butter knife.

The item is made of a hard plastic and once you turn it on the vibration is quite strong. I had a bit of trouble turning the Duckie on by a small dial on the bottom and it was nearly impossible to shut off! I do not recommend using your teeth.

Over all it performed well, I would use it again and it’s definately giftable!! (Not to be taken as re-giftable)


P.S. Sorry for the annoying song in the background! I thought it was ending as I began recording!! Gah.