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Posts tagged ‘Self Image’

November 3rd, 2010

A Step Closer to Living the Life I Love

Last night I attended the last of three “Live the Life you Love” events in NYC this year presented by SingleEdition & Spark Networks at the Samsung Experience Store in Columbus Circle.

First off, what a great venue! As much as I enjoyed last year’s, which took place in the shoe department at Saks, this year I got to play around with some shiny gadgets! If there is one thing I love as much as shoes it’s gadgets!! 😀

Annnnnyway – the sessions were great! I always take away so much from these events from networking with other single women to the the speakers…and ironically there is always one topic that applies to my present day life.

Not only did I have a chance to chat with a few of my NYC Relationship Blogging Idols – Laurie & Jill of eFlirtExpert, Nando of Nandoism and Simone Grant of Sex, Lies and Dating in the city.

We also listend to advice from a panel of experts on dealing with fear and rejection in relationships, steps to take towards getting the job of your dreams, how to handle sexual harrassment and discrimination in the work place, and tips on taking control when meeting men.

A couple resources I’d like to share are:
http://www.thefearlessfactor.com/ Overcome fear and anxiety so you can create greater confidence and communication in your life.
www.85broads.com & www.napw.com Two sites to help women career minded women get ahead.

I’ll also be stopping by my local library in search of a couple books I was turned on to at the event:
The Working Woman’s Legal Survival Guide
The Happy Baker Cookbook

This event has truly brought me one BIG step closer to living the life I love and hopefully by passing on a bit of what I learned can help you too!

October 26th, 2010

So Indecisive

That is me for quite some time now and I feel as though I am getting worse with time and singularity.

I enjoy being single. It’s nice to have all this time to myself after many, many years of there always being someone else to consider. I’m pretty selfish in general so naturally I’m quite content having me all to myself.

So why do I keep feeling like I need to date or find a man to share a part of my life with? Do I really need one? More importantly do I really want one? Is what I am feeling a result of society’s influences on me? I swear it’s like being a teen who feels the need to rock the latest designer jeans … ‘cus all her friends are doing it.

True, not ALL my friends are dating or in relationships, but those who are seem to be more prevalent to me then those who aren’t and I do feel a bit envious of them.

It would be so nice to have someone around to hang out and watch a movie with, to cook for/with, to enjoy a night out with occasionally, to plan adventures with, to take little day trips into the city for a walk in the park, or visit a museum, or go to a concert, maybe a drive to the shore or a scenic ride in the country?

All of that sounds so nice, but I still can’t decide if I really need it. What’s worse is I haven’t the slightest idea how to find it or maybe I just don’t have the patients to wait for someone to fill the position so I bounce between wanting and not wanting it for myself.

Am I wrong in thinking when the time is right it will all fall in to place? When the right one comes along I will just know it? Or are there a specific set of actions I should be taking in my life to put me on the right track?


April 28th, 2010

My Mother thinks I’m Gay

First I was undate-able, now I’m a Lesbian? Actually, she thinks my BFF Kat is the Lesbian and since birds of a feather flock together… I must be too!

She blames it on the “questionable content” of my blog and podcast. I am having some trouble putting together the connection, but apparently it’s enough to make my own Mother question my sexuality.

How does this affect my dating eligibility? I usually reserve much of my over sharing on the internet from the guys I am talking to until I know they are truly interested in me and can absorb that side of me with out losing interest.

I wont lie, I have considered switching teams more then once. I think every girl does at times in her life. For me it’s when I am discouraged with the dating scene and less than desirable prospects.

I’m not thoroughly convinced though. I mean based on the amount of male attention I get on the inter-webs and the majority of male audience of the (retired) podcast I can’t see what would give off such an impression.

Maybe I should poll my gay and lesbian friends and see what they think? Please give me some feed back on this, readers. I am curios about what kind of person my content is making me out to be!

And seriously?…I bet my Mother doesn’t even know any lesbians! LOL

April 2nd, 2010

Struggling with Myself

Like many women I constantly struggle with my self image and confidence level, which often takes a toll on my participation in the dating game.

There have been few times in my life that I look back on and feel like I was in great shape and confident, but honestly even then I had a bad self image. I always thought I was fat. So it’s no surprise now that I am twice the size and struggling.

I always tell guys that I am talking to online and interested in meeting that “I look better in pictures” and in my eyes I really do. I only put out those images in which I feel I look good, but in reality I am not so sure all the time.

This post is not meant to be a pity party, nor am I looking for a bunch of comments to boost my ego…I’m processing my thought publicly because this is what is on my mind…and I have a date tomorrow night.

I fear that I am not going to meet his expectations in person and that I am not going to be his type – body type. This is horrible and really, what do I care? So be it! No one is perfect, it’s who you are on the inside that counts, and all those things you hear that are supposed to make you feel better, right?


From what I know of this guy he works out regularly and takes good care of his body. I’ve also learned a bit about the women in his past and this has me concerned because I know I can’t compete. It’s just not me.

I’m going to try and keep an open mind and not put too much pressure on myself about all of this, because I know I’m a fun chick, I’m cute, witty and I get along well with most everyone. I do have a lot to offer, but to be quite honest I’m not really sure I am looking to offer it all up right now.

Here’s hoping tomorrow brings the start of a new friendship at least and we can go from there!

I would like to know what my readers biggest hangups are in these pre-first date situations. I know I am not alone, so please feel free to share a bit in the comments!

Oh and P.S. if you read my previous post on The Execution of a First Date you may have picked up on the fact that I am skipping step Six 🙂