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May 14th, 2009

Twistery: Stickin it to the Bird

If you’re on Twitter (these days who isn’t?) you would have had to be blind to not notice the uproar over some changes to @replies. I caught a bit of it Tuesday evening when a few friend posted links mentioning changes, but I didn’t stop to learn about what exactly was happening. By the time I went to turn off my Twitter nightlight all holly hashtag hell had broken lose and practically every Tweet was chanting #fixreplies.

Lucky me to have, what I consider, a very “in the know” and “on the pulse” friend list. I rely on my Tweeps to provide insight on what is happening in the world, social media and the internets in general. Since returning to a Corporate world of employment I’ve lost a lot of my networking & social time.

I’m still not entirely sure what the scope of the changes were that caused the revolt, but I get amusement out of watching my Tweeps rant & rave whenever the service changes or performs badly. Inevitably everyone feels the need to migrate to some other service, whether it be in search of a Twitter replacement or just to stick it to Twitter for jacking with us.

Over the course of the years I have followed suit with the migrations, acquiring new accounts on various Twitter like services. First it was Pounce, followed closely by Jaiku – both moves from what I can recall were based on massive Twitter service interruptions… and this was long before the days of that fancy lil Fail Whale. Then there was a bit of time where Twitter was kind of working, but many of us held on and adapted twitku – a Twitter/Jaiku hybrid.

It seemed like every few months we were jumping ship and running to some shiny new service to keep up with each other, I can’t even remember all the accounts I have out there!, but we always returned to Twitter (well most of us). There’s no denying that Twitter was the 1st of it’s kind and despite the bumps and grinds of becoming who they are today, they are the best at what they do.

So you can imagine when I saw what was happening Tues night my 1st thought was – Where are we going now? Seems like FriendFeed is the choice this time around, and has been quite a few times in the past. What cracks me up is if you look closely you will see that the majority of users are primarily aggregating their Twitters over! I’m getting a kick out of this… enough to inspire me to babble on about it here 🙂

So go on Twittervers! Hashtag it up & Stick it to the Bird!! He always welcomes his Tweeties back with open wings.

Ah, and I am happy to see @Biz’s recent post on the new plan of action on the way @replies are handled – Very much looking forward to kickin those tires. Hope they consider rolling it out to their beta group before public release solely for the fact that I’m in 😉

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December 5th, 2008

Who’s Excited for The Future!?

2009 is just around the corner and I’m getting super excited to see what the future has in store for me … and for us!! I’ve been thinking a lot about social media lately, reminiscing on how it’s evolved over the past 3 years as I have known “it” and how I have personally adapted and evolved (some may think devolved) as a result of it.

So, with a little bit of inspiration to my hero and friend Chris Brogan I’m making an early resolution to deliver content – I’m not gonna say killer ’cause it’s never been my intention to provide anything more then mediocre…especially here. This particular blog has no target audience and is more an outlet for me to mind-dump and babble about what ever floats my boat at the time.

I’ve been feeling very washed up lately. I’m in a social slump. I’m still maintaining my networks…Twitter, Plurk, Second Life, Facebook, etc…but the connections feel as though they are fading a bit. My network feels diluted and I often look at the “friends” I’ve acquired and wonder who are these people? How do we know each-other? and Why the heck are they following/friending me?? Maybe I’m just growing senile or I’ve reached my maximum efriends quota.

When I look back to a year ago, even two, when I was a new media n00b I was fortunate enough to have some of the internet’s best (CC_Chapman, Chris Brogan, Spin Martin, just to name a few ’cause there are so many more that it would take months to list them all) to follow and learn from. I felt as though I was part of this huge and loving social media family. I felt like I belonged.

I guess I still feel like I belong, but I also feel guilty for slacking off and not keeping up with the “Family” by contributing more. I don’t create content as much as I should or would like to. I just keep creating places to put content or agreeing to help others grow their sites by contributing my ideas and efforts. To date I *think* I have 9 blogs. Yes, nine … 2 of which are linked to podcasts that I produce. I am really not even interesting enough to be maintaining one, let alone NINE!!

So, I resolve to get organized before 2009 hits and create a weekly posting routine. One in-which I will feel as though my efforts in creating these outlets was more then just a whim or idea to occupy me for a weekend or two.

It all starts now. Place your bets on how long this will last. Will I even make it a week? Month? Maybe should I just give it all up and stick to the easy road – Twitter twitter twitter… of-course I have 3 of those! 🙂