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February 11th, 2012

Find Happiness with Gaiam TV


Have you heard about Gaiam TV? I have seen a bit of buzz around the internet recently praising the site and all that it has to offer, so I am very excited to be giving it a try … and it couldn’t come at a better time for me! Last week I started my diet (just a little late in the whole new years resolution movement) and my work load kept me from getting to the gym at a decent hour – aka before closing – but now I have no excuse!

GaiamTV.com is going to help me find happiness by allowing me access to over 2,000 streaming videos focused on health, wellness, yoga, fitness and personal development. It’s like netflix for my well being! Whether I have 15 mins or an hour I cansimply log on and access yoga, Pilates and cardio videos from the comforts of my home at any time I please!

I love the ability to find just what I need. They have filters set up in each category which allow me to choose my level, style, instructor  and the amount of time I have. I can customize my workout for weight loss, body sculpting or increased energy. The site is so easy to navigate and jam packed with content. It even allows me to make my own playlist – how cool is that!?

For my fellow gadget geeks – Gaiam TV also offers a mobile app for iPhone, iTouch and iPad (Android coming soon – please hurry!). There is also TV access if you have a Roku box or Samsung Smart TV.

Now for the most exciting news of all … It’s totally AFFORDABLE!

Right now you can try Gaiam TV for FREE with their 10-day trial. If you love it as much as I am you can get a monthly subscription for only $9.95! That’s an insane price for access to all this content and the freedom to choose when and where you workout. The subscription to Gaiam TV is totally no strings attached. There are no contracts and they allow you to easily cancel at anytime.

For me the service means I don’t have to worry if I get stuck at work late, forget to pack my sneakers in my gym bag or just don’t feel like dealing with a bunch of meat heads or waiting for machines at the gym.

So what are you waiting for? Start your free 10-day trial right now! You have nothing to lose and a whole lotta happiness to gain. I’m off to do a quick session myself now. Be sure to come back and leave me a comment about your experience and be sure to let me know if you find a great video you’d recommend I try!

GaiamTV.com - Be Happy

January 31st, 2012

Wetter is Better: Single Ladies Love *FREE* Lube!

Just a quick little follow up … I received a lovely box of goodies the other day from Astroglide!

Astroglide Freebies

You may have seen my recently sponsored post “Wetter is Better: Single Ladies Love Lube Too!” …. and you may have even clicked on the link to get your very own freebies!

Astroglide freebies - detail

What a surprise! Samples of all three versions – Original, Natural and X!! They even threw in a deck of cards and some flirty dice 😉

Thanks Astroglide! I’m looking forward to having some fun!

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September 13th, 2011

Stop Counting, Start Eating: Feel Fresh for Fall





So I just finished a 7 day trail of The Fresh Diet and I’m kinda sad. If you didn’t catch my first post be sure to check it out “here“. As a single chick there is nothing like having someone to cook for you. The Fresh Diet was like having my very own gourmet chef to prepare me delicious meals each day.

Each morning I eagerly rushed to the door to find my cooler filled with my meals for the day. It was like Christmas morning over and over! I just couldn’t wait to see what my day’s menu had in store for me.

I tried many new foods I normally wouldn’t have thought to, which was a lot of fun for my taste buds! Each meal was perfectly portioned out for me and even thought it initially felt like it wasn’t going to be enough it was actually more than enough and many days I found that I didn’t even finish all of the food I received.

Although I didn’t lose any considerable weight I gained more time in my busy schedule from not having to worry about what’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner. As I mentioned in my initial review it was like being on vacation from my kitchen and that’s not something I often have the luxury of being that I live alone.

Unfortunately I am not able to continue the plan right now as my budget is super conservative, but I am hoping that in the near future I can manage renew my subscription. At least until I can find a real personal chef to move in 🙂

I’d recommend this plan to anyone who is looking for a convenient way to eat fresh, healthy meals, but especially to all my single friends and fellow work-aholics! Do yourself a favor and take a vacation from your kitchen… or worse all those fast food joins and take out menus!

As a special treat The Fresh Diet has provided me a special discount for my readers to Buy One Week and Get Your Next Week 50% off! Just use promo code “single” when you sign up at www.TheFreshDiet.com

I hope you’ll give it a try and come back here and let me know what you think!


September 1st, 2011

Stop Counting, Start Eating: Feel Fresh for Fall





A couple of weeks ago I was offered a free trial of The Fresh Diet. Over the past few months I have been putting some effort into finding a real diet that not only works, but is convenient.

As you know I was doing Weight Watcher for a bit and while I enjoyed the program it was a lot of work! Being a single, work-aholic is not conducive to preparing fresh meals every day and I found myself cheating because I was limited on time and options.

For the past few months I have been focused on eliminating Gluten from my diet along with many other foods which are known to cause inflammation. As you may recall from my last post I have been dealing with autoimmune disease, which has caused some painful and annoying arthritis in my body.

Being Gluten Free has made a great difference not only with the arthritis, but I also feel like I have more energy then I have in a long time. It’s been a challenge to maintain my diet because I really have to take the time to plan, prep and prepare all of my meals fresh, so when I first heard about The Fresh Diet I was thrilled!

I feel like I am on a vacation from my kitchen!

Each morning I wake up to a cooler filled with freshly prepared meals for my breakfast, lunch, dinner and even two snacks delivered to my doorstep! At first I was worried that I would be hungry between meals or that the portion sized wouldn’t fill me, but that is so not the case! I’m so impressed with the variety and meals I have had and honestly I haven’t even eaten my second snacks for the past two days.



When I signed up for The Fresh Diet I was able to select my calorie range (1000-1200 / 1200-1400 / 1600-1800 / 2200-2400) and indicate any food allergies, gluten free, vegetarian or vegan. The web site allows you to select up to 8 dislikes which will be excluded from your menu. You then have the choice of two meal plans – Chef’s Choice, where your meals are selected for you based on your profile or Premium Choice, which allows you to select your own meals from a variety of menu items.



Today I enjoyed a delicious quiche and sliced peach for breakfast, a grilled chicken salad with fresh oranges, strawberries and a raspberry vinaigrette for lunch. My snack was apple wood sausage with zucchini sticks and for my dinner I had Greek meatballs with green beans and sweet potato. So yummy! I haven’t even gotten to my fresh fruit with chopped nuts!

As a special treat The Fresh Diet has provided me a special discount for my readers to Buy One Week and Get Your Next Week 50% off! Just use promo code “single” when you sign up at www.TheFreshDiet.com

I hope you can all take advantage of this deal and enjoy their delicious menus and a vacation from your kitchens!


February 10th, 2011

How About We…

It’s 2011 and Online Dating has become *the* most popular way to meet people… but haven’t we had enough of wading through seas of profiles in search of potential matches? Spending hours tweeking our likes/dislikes in hopes of catching the eye of that special someone? Wasting days upon days in correspondence till finally one of you suggests a meet?

Who even has the time anymore!?

Well good news fellow daters! HowAboutWe is here and they have an all new, exciting and adventurous approach to Online Dating!!

HowAboutWe is about putting the date back in dating. It’s simple and get’s right to the point! You sign up, complete a couple of brief profile questions, then just fill in your “How about we…” with date you want to go on! They even offer suggestions to help you get started.

After signing up you can view other member’s “How About We…” suggestions with options for bookmarking, letting the member know your intrigued, or straight up sending them a message. What’s even cooler is the Twitter and Facebook integration for the over-sharer in all of us. 😀

There weren’t too many members in my area *YET* but I really enjoyed surfing through all the “How About We…”s and even bookmarked a few ideas! Never again will I find myself stuck in an endless loop of “I dunno, what do YOU wanna do??”

Want some more good news? Just in time for Valentine’s DayHowAboutWe.com is offering a special 33% Off their service! Just use Promo Code: VDAYFUN when you Subscribe.

So go check it out! Get out there and DO something!!