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December 12th, 2017

Time, is on my side

It’s been an exciting year filled with many memories, lot’s of laughter, plenty of tears and lessons learned.

My 2017 is going out with quite a bang! as I write this from my bed where I have spent the last 11 days recovering from a Hysterectomy on December 1st. Prior to that I had been on medical leave from work to address some issues with my autoimmune disease. As it turned out, one of the major pain issues I was experiencing required the hysterectomy and so here I am.

I’m feeling fairly well over all, but looking forward to getting up and out this weekend. I NEED to find a new vehicle!! My car was totaled by a tree in a big storm that passed through here on October 30th. I’ve decided to go minivan, but still up in the air on the one I will get ….  my rental was a Dodge Grand Caravan, so I am most comfortable with that; however I am tempted by the Toyota Sierra with AWD for days like today when the snow makes getting around a little more challenging.

In my time with myself recovering from surgery, I have been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching, watching lots of Netflix and working on my little DotDotSmile business. I’m looking forward to Christmas (and getting our decorations up! … one thing that didn’t get done beforehand). Christmas day the kids and I will be flying down to visit my family in South Carolina. I’ve been looking forward to it since my Dad & Step-mom moved down a few months ago.

Next week I will begin packing us up, so I can pick up whatever I am probably forgetting we will need. I’m hoping the kids enjoy the travel (and behave!). We’ll be traveling fairly late in the day, so the plan is to strap them both in the stroller for the extent of our time in the airports. Fingers Crossed!

Anyone have any great travel tips!?

Hopefully, I’ll be visiting again soon … but if not, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year!

January 28th, 2012

Tweets to Embassy Suites

SeattleI was sent to Seattle, WA two weeks ago on business to train a new team member in our Bellevue, WA office. It was my very first business trip and visit to the area, so wouldn’t you know it would be THE week when the area gets hit with a huge winter storm… well, if you call 6 inches “huge” 😀

It was beautiful upon arrival. A light dusting covering the trees and the scenic mountainous back drop, but damn it was COLD!

I was held up in the Embassy Suites and could not get the thermostat to cooperate, so I tweet about it. “Dear embassy suites. I’m FREEZING! Why wont this thermostat go higher!??”

I almost immediately got a response! Gotta love it when they actually listen and engage. I was so impressed with them and that little extra attention was reassuring that my issue would soon be resolved.

I called the front desk the next morning and they sent someone in while I was at work. And thankfully so! I ended up being snowed in for two days and my trip extended from 4 – 10 days!

Over all my stay was decent. I wasn’t overly impressed with the room service, the food itself was kinda over priced – not unusual as I expect to pay a premium for being lazy, I was just being a cost conscious employee. The pool and fitness center were nice perks and I was able to start my day with a decent breakfast from their breakfast buffet … just avoid the runny eggs.

The night before my departure I received an email from a Guest Assistance Specialist at Hilton Worldwide thanking me for contacting Embassy Suites on Twitter. They were following up on my issue and were under the impression that it had been resolved. They went on to state that the Hotel had enrolled me in Hilton HHonors and deposited a bunch of points into my account for my experience.

How great is that!?

I replied with gratitude and advised how impressed I was that they were so engaging on Twitter and attentive to my needs. I had been thinking of joining their travelers club while I was there and by this gesture I would be sure to use their brand hotels as my preference for future travel. Pretty smart move there 🙂

This story doesn’t have a happy ending I’m afraid.

I check out the next day and ask about the Program details at the front desk. They have no idea what I am talking about, there are no records of an account in the system and they basically send me off with a sorry and a shoulder shrug.

I go back to the email I had received the night before, which stated “…if you have any other questions or comments, feel free to respond to me directly. I will be more than happy to offer further assistance.” I advised the rep of the situation and requested some assistance.


[3 days later] Way to fumble the ball and miss out on the winning touchdown.

Should anyone from Hilton HHonors, Hilton Worldwide or Embassy Suites come across this post and want to help finish what was started the file # referenced on the email was 8771391. It would be great if I could get the credit for my 10 day stay as well since the staff on site wouldn’t create an account for me even though there was no record of one being created.


[UPDATE: 1/29/12 12:40am EST]

About an hour after this post was published I received an email from my Guest Assistance Specialist apologizing for the delay and stated he would correct the situation!


[UPDATE: 1/29/12 19:00 EST]

I have received my Hilton HHonors account information complete with the points promised for my troubles, even a few extra points for the additional delays in getting the account set up. I am very great full to Hilton Worldwide for their committment to my satisfaction. It’s not every day that you interact with a company who not only say they care, but also take all steps to ensure their customers feel cared for.

Bravo Hilton Worldwide!