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Posts tagged ‘Twitter Etiquette’

November 10th, 2010

Why Twitter?

Once upon a time I was in a dead-end marriage. My self esteem was at an all time low, all my friends were miles away and began to feel very anti-social.

I needed an outlet.

My computer became my source of socialization out side of work and I immersed myself in online communities. It started with MySpace (before it got all trashy), forums, then Second Life.

It was a way for me to escape my reality and connect to interesting people from all over the world. I’ve made some amazing friends online, many who I have been fortunate enough to meet through conventions and local event.

Twitter buzz began around this time 2006 and I totally didn’t get it. What was the point? Most of the people I socialized with online were in Second Life so why did I need to “follow” them on Twitter? And who’s idea was this 140 character limitation!?

Two months later I caved.

I got tired of feeling left out and I caught a case of the beta bug, which over the next couple years would lead me on a wild goose chase for the next great networking fad, but Twitter never faded.

Three years, a Divorce and some odd months later I’m still here. My contributions to Twitter have evolved from being part of the early stage community where it seemed like everybody was connected to my present day narcissistic babble.

So why Twitter?

My Twitter is a community of my peers. A support system. All of my closest friends are on Twitter and we use it as a place to keep up with each other thought the day. It’s convenient like that. Sure I could sit down and write an email to each of them or blast a few general paragraphs out to the group, but it’s just easier to Tweet.

There is always a conversation happening. Wether it be about life, relationships, celebrity gossip, current events, or the latest gadgets released. You can easily dip in an out as time and attention span allows.

It is and always has been the fastest and most efficient way to share content. From my personal blogs and podcasts to upcoming events. A simple Tweet (with the proper formatting) can be easily Tweeted and Re-Tweeted to your followers and beyond.

And most of all – Twitter is my very own Life Line. A history of my life over the past few years that I occasionally refer to. I love to read back on where I have been and how far I have come.

To some it may seem silly, a waste of time and such, but to me it’s obviously much much more.

What is it for you?

May 14th, 2009

Twistery: Stickin it to the Bird

If you’re on Twitter (these days who isn’t?) you would have had to be blind to not notice the uproar over some changes to @replies. I caught a bit of it Tuesday evening when a few friend posted links mentioning changes, but I didn’t stop to learn about what exactly was happening. By the time I went to turn off my Twitter nightlight all holly hashtag hell had broken lose and practically every Tweet was chanting #fixreplies.

Lucky me to have, what I consider, a very “in the know” and “on the pulse” friend list. I rely on my Tweeps to provide insight on what is happening in the world, social media and the internets in general. Since returning to a Corporate world of employment I’ve lost a lot of my networking & social time.

I’m still not entirely sure what the scope of the changes were that caused the revolt, but I get amusement out of watching my Tweeps rant & rave whenever the service changes or performs badly. Inevitably everyone feels the need to migrate to some other service, whether it be in search of a Twitter replacement or just to stick it to Twitter for jacking with us.

Over the course of the years I have followed suit with the migrations, acquiring new accounts on various Twitter like services. First it was Pounce, followed closely by Jaiku – both moves from what I can recall were based on massive Twitter service interruptions… and this was long before the days of that fancy lil Fail Whale. Then there was a bit of time where Twitter was kind of working, but many of us held on and adapted twitku – a Twitter/Jaiku hybrid.

It seemed like every few months we were jumping ship and running to some shiny new service to keep up with each other, I can’t even remember all the accounts I have out there!, but we always returned to Twitter (well most of us). There’s no denying that Twitter was the 1st of it’s kind and despite the bumps and grinds of becoming who they are today, they are the best at what they do.

So you can imagine when I saw what was happening Tues night my 1st thought was – Where are we going now? Seems like FriendFeed is the choice this time around, and has been quite a few times in the past. What cracks me up is if you look closely you will see that the majority of users are primarily aggregating their Twitters over! I’m getting a kick out of this… enough to inspire me to babble on about it here 🙂

So go on Twittervers! Hashtag it up & Stick it to the Bird!! He always welcomes his Tweeties back with open wings.

Ah, and I am happy to see @Biz’s recent post on the new plan of action on the way @replies are handled – Very much looking forward to kickin those tires. Hope they consider rolling it out to their beta group before public release solely for the fact that I’m in 😉

Find me on FriendFeed

April 24th, 2009

Why I Hate #Hashtags & Retweets

Today is #FollowFriday.

I was recommended by a ton of people and very much appreciate it. It totally made me smile and I thank each of you. Unfortunately, #FollowFriday and all the other #Hashtag days have gotten WAY out of control. I don’t know who started it, but it has become more and more the trend to pack as many people into a #FollowFriday like Tweet! Some people even going as far to spend all day recommending their entire friends list!!

I not only consider it spam, but it does me no service because I am not going to just follow people I have no reference for. I want Twitter to take pride in their Tweets and put some thought into who you are recommending and why. Is that really so much to ask?

If you need a visual see my earlier Tweet:


Thank you for your cooperation 🙂

Now let’s address Retweets. Twitter became a cesspool of retweets today… and not your ordinary everyday reetweets. No no no … those mass #FollowFriday Tweets I was @’d in were retweeted by almost every other person who was included with me!! Really people, what is the point? What kind of content are you really providing to your followers by retweeting that some one tweeted you…along with 7 other users?

I’ve been on twitter for quite some time now. I caught a link to WhendidyoujoinTwitter.com earlier today. Turns out I joined twitter 793 days ago! Almost 800 Days of My Life on Twitter! I hit 18,000 Tweets last night so that’s about 22 posts a day for 800 days!!

I do not want to see Twitter abused anymore! Tweet Responsibly or don’t Tweet at all.