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March 4th, 2012

You’re Doing it Wrong!

You're Doing it Wrong

It’s no surprise that I love to see local Business on Twitter. Note: Twitter > Facebook in my life, though I certainly appreciate it as another form of marketing and community outreach. 

But it takes more than just being “on” Twitter and Facebook to impress me.

It’s called a Social Network for a reason… and it’s simple really. Be Social, build your Network! What’s so hard about that? It’s even FREE! Yet time and time again I come across a Business just falling short of really hitting the mark.

I’m not suggesting you spend 24/7 online promoting your brand, what I’m looking for is Engagement.

Here’s the scenerio:

You’re a local Business. You’ve created a Twitter/Facebook account for your business. You/You’re staff is dedicating a percentage of time adding content to promoting you. You’ve even started “following” other similar Business, peers and users in your demographic. Yay! This is great!!

But what happens when a “Follower” comments or replies to your content? Let’s say they include a question or request additional information. Are you listening? Do you respond in a timely fashion?

If the answer is No – You’re Doing it WRONG!

It makes me sad when I try to engage with a local Business on Twitter or Facebook and all I get is <crickets>. It really disappoints me when I see that they are not engaging with ANYONE!

The cool thing about Social Networks is that they are built to make it easy for you to pay attention to your audience and potential new business. Yes, I know it can be a little confusing with all the fancy buttons and those developers who like to switch things up on us every so often. I by no means expecting you to respond to every message/@/comment, but you’re totally missing out if all you do is post, post, post. It’s like internet pollution no matter how great your content is … and it’s kinda rude not to say hello back!

A couple of months ago I moved to Morristown and naturally went to Twitter to seek out area business accounts to follow and potentially support whenever possible. I realize I am not the norm when it comes to Social Media, but more and more people are following my lead with the growing numbers of smart phones in our pockets.

We are all very busy people with increasingly shortened attention spans, so for me I built a list where I can quickly see “what’s happening” in town and then base my decisions on where to meet the girls for drinks, where to get my hair done, where to find a cute pair of sunglasses or a cup of coffee and a cupcake.

Obviously those accounts  who make the extra effort to interact with me will get my business over those who don’t … and as an added bonus they will get my love an adoration because I am a total sucker for that Twitter stuff 😉

So get out there and Engage already … and if you need additional help I’d be more than happy to give you a hand!

March 1st, 2012

Things NOT to ask on a First Date

This morning I caught a Tweet referencing a trending topic “Bad First Date Questions”.

I shared a few from my personal experience and thought it would make for a fun, quick & dirty post.

“Are those real?”
On a first date at a Hotel Bar “So, do you want to get a room?”
“Are you a Democrat or Republican?”
Him “How does July sound?” Me “For what?” Him “Our wedding”
At dinner “How about we just share an appetizer”
“Do you want to be exclusive?”
“So, when is the last time you had sex?”
“My Ex-wife and I are having an open house tomorrow, do you want to come?”
“Is your sister single too?”
“Why are you single?”
“Do you mind if I bring my kid?”

I’ll let you decide which of these I’ve actually heard versus those I just think are straight up No Nos. Please share your own in the comments!

January 28th, 2012

Tweets to Embassy Suites

SeattleI was sent to Seattle, WA two weeks ago on business to train a new team member in our Bellevue, WA office. It was my very first business trip and visit to the area, so wouldn’t you know it would be THE week when the area gets hit with a huge winter storm… well, if you call 6 inches “huge” 😀

It was beautiful upon arrival. A light dusting covering the trees and the scenic mountainous back drop, but damn it was COLD!

I was held up in the Embassy Suites and could not get the thermostat to cooperate, so I tweet about it. “Dear embassy suites. I’m FREEZING! Why wont this thermostat go higher!??”

I almost immediately got a response! Gotta love it when they actually listen and engage. I was so impressed with them and that little extra attention was reassuring that my issue would soon be resolved.

I called the front desk the next morning and they sent someone in while I was at work. And thankfully so! I ended up being snowed in for two days and my trip extended from 4 – 10 days!

Over all my stay was decent. I wasn’t overly impressed with the room service, the food itself was kinda over priced – not unusual as I expect to pay a premium for being lazy, I was just being a cost conscious employee. The pool and fitness center were nice perks and I was able to start my day with a decent breakfast from their breakfast buffet … just avoid the runny eggs.

The night before my departure I received an email from a Guest Assistance Specialist at Hilton Worldwide thanking me for contacting Embassy Suites on Twitter. They were following up on my issue and were under the impression that it had been resolved. They went on to state that the Hotel had enrolled me in Hilton HHonors and deposited a bunch of points into my account for my experience.

How great is that!?

I replied with gratitude and advised how impressed I was that they were so engaging on Twitter and attentive to my needs. I had been thinking of joining their travelers club while I was there and by this gesture I would be sure to use their brand hotels as my preference for future travel. Pretty smart move there 🙂

This story doesn’t have a happy ending I’m afraid.

I check out the next day and ask about the Program details at the front desk. They have no idea what I am talking about, there are no records of an account in the system and they basically send me off with a sorry and a shoulder shrug.

I go back to the email I had received the night before, which stated “…if you have any other questions or comments, feel free to respond to me directly. I will be more than happy to offer further assistance.” I advised the rep of the situation and requested some assistance.


[3 days later] Way to fumble the ball and miss out on the winning touchdown.

Should anyone from Hilton HHonors, Hilton Worldwide or Embassy Suites come across this post and want to help finish what was started the file # referenced on the email was 8771391. It would be great if I could get the credit for my 10 day stay as well since the staff on site wouldn’t create an account for me even though there was no record of one being created.


[UPDATE: 1/29/12 12:40am EST]

About an hour after this post was published I received an email from my Guest Assistance Specialist apologizing for the delay and stated he would correct the situation!


[UPDATE: 1/29/12 19:00 EST]

I have received my Hilton HHonors account information complete with the points promised for my troubles, even a few extra points for the additional delays in getting the account set up. I am very great full to Hilton Worldwide for their committment to my satisfaction. It’s not every day that you interact with a company who not only say they care, but also take all steps to ensure their customers feel cared for.

Bravo Hilton Worldwide!

November 10th, 2010

Why Twitter?

Once upon a time I was in a dead-end marriage. My self esteem was at an all time low, all my friends were miles away and began to feel very anti-social.

I needed an outlet.

My computer became my source of socialization out side of work and I immersed myself in online communities. It started with MySpace (before it got all trashy), forums, then Second Life.

It was a way for me to escape my reality and connect to interesting people from all over the world. I’ve made some amazing friends online, many who I have been fortunate enough to meet through conventions and local event.

Twitter buzz began around this time 2006 and I totally didn’t get it. What was the point? Most of the people I socialized with online were in Second Life so why did I need to “follow” them on Twitter? And who’s idea was this 140 character limitation!?

Two months later I caved.

I got tired of feeling left out and I caught a case of the beta bug, which over the next couple years would lead me on a wild goose chase for the next great networking fad, but Twitter never faded.

Three years, a Divorce and some odd months later I’m still here. My contributions to Twitter have evolved from being part of the early stage community where it seemed like everybody was connected to my present day narcissistic babble.

So why Twitter?

My Twitter is a community of my peers. A support system. All of my closest friends are on Twitter and we use it as a place to keep up with each other thought the day. It’s convenient like that. Sure I could sit down and write an email to each of them or blast a few general paragraphs out to the group, but it’s just easier to Tweet.

There is always a conversation happening. Wether it be about life, relationships, celebrity gossip, current events, or the latest gadgets released. You can easily dip in an out as time and attention span allows.

It is and always has been the fastest and most efficient way to share content. From my personal blogs and podcasts to upcoming events. A simple Tweet (with the proper formatting) can be easily Tweeted and Re-Tweeted to your followers and beyond.

And most of all – Twitter is my very own Life Line. A history of my life over the past few years that I occasionally refer to. I love to read back on where I have been and how far I have come.

To some it may seem silly, a waste of time and such, but to me it’s obviously much much more.

What is it for you?

November 4th, 2010

No Filter Here

I over-share on the Internet. I Tweet, I Foursquare, I Flickr … pretty much every thing that is part of my life gets exposed to the web.

Not everyone is as open as I am. I guess I just have no filters, which is strange because I have always been quite a shy person… well, around new people and in new situations. I know I totally don’t come off that way, but I am.

So when new people come into my life, especially if it’s via one of my social outlets, I expect that they accept this behaviour from me.

I’m not very good about respecting other’s privacy. It’s not even something I consider when I am twittering away about this, that and the other… and certainly not when I am blogging. I just sort of open up a note pad and let my thoughts flow from my brain out through my fingers hoping they hit all the right keys.

I realize this could cause some serious conflicts in my “Real Life” specifically when a guy comes along who may not be so open or willing to be subject matter. My first thought is “Why wouldn’t he want me to talk about him?” I assume he must be hiding something, perhaps other relationships and he is afraid he will be exposed.

It’s just so normal to me that I never think maybe they just aren’t comfortable with strangers reading about how “he did the sweetest thing today”, or “man, he really ticked me off when”.

What is the right approach to take with the people in your life when it comes to social media? Do you ask them upfront if they mind? or at a certain point in the relationship?

I guess I just need a filter. Put in on my Christmas list!